To Stop Children From Dropping Out, This School Came Up With A Brilliant Idea

In most of the developing and under-developed countries, including India, educational backwardness continues to be a persistent phenomenon. Parents in backward areas fail to buy textbooks, clothes and other study materials for their children which often leads to kids dropping out.

To counter that, the Government Lower Primary School, Mattathilbhagom in Arookutty panchayat, have come up with a solution and if the reports are to be believed it seems to be working brilliantly. Compared to most schools where the students are dropping out in spite of government’s policies, this school flaunts more than 750 students from class I to V.


Mattathilbhagom, is trying to make things easier for the parents who are already low on funds, by giving its students more than just an education, but also new clothes.

The school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA) here has come up with several projects to provide the students and their parents enough incentives to continue. For the first time in Kerala, the PTA here has set up a textile shop where clothes are given for free to the students who study there. The 'shop' which has opened with the help of its members, staff and well-wishers, will open its doors to its students on Thursday. This shop, armed with 70 pieces of clothes, has been set up in a classroom.

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As the headmaster of the school, Mr. Ashok Kumar is very well aware of the fact that the village is one of the most backward in the state and has more than 50% of the families living below poverty line. The school authorities wanted to come up with something that would give the family that extra push to send their children to school.

"Most of the children in the school are from poor families. Their parents work in prawn peeling sheds and fish processing centers in the panchayat," he said while talking to As a solution to the problem - school authorities along with the PTA - decided to give freebies to the students like educational kits, including uniform, bags, textbooks, notebooks, pencil, water bottles and other items to all students. "The new initiative will be a boost to the poor people from the locality. Many people came forward to donate clothes; more items will be added in the coming days," PTA president Abdul Khadar said to edexlive.

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Not only are they working on improving lives of their students but they are trying equally hard to uplift their parents too. School authorities are providing training in paper bag, chalk and candle making, LED bulb production and chicken farming for parents. Parents can use this training to create another source of income.

Picture Source:; Indian Express; Karuna Shechen


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