When Mangalore Teachers Took Up Driving School Vehicles

Many times, in life, we face a situation of defeat and there seems to be no way of getting out of it. This is more relatable in an organizational context than an individual setting. Start-ups or even big companies, often face troubling times due to some part of the organization not working to the desired level. In these times, the human values really come to the fore and take the most important position. Extraordinary leadership traits coupled with unique ideas help in keeping the organization alive even in tough time and sometimes, to even boost it back to success.

In Mangalore, a government school named Darul Islam Aided Higher Primary School was facing a crisis situation and was on the verge of closure but the teachers of the school have come together to make sure that the students do not suffer and the school somehow survives through this depressing situation.

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Pakruddin BK setting an example for others 

While all the teachers are contributing in their own ways by shelling out their own money to run the school, one teacher named Pakruddin BK has stood out due to the extra efforts being taken by him. He has been working in the school for 39 years and he is going to retire next year. He was appointed in 1982 as a Government teacher and this was his first job. He knows that most of the students hail from financially weak families and they would have a tough time if the school gets shut. Hence, he has decided to go out of his way to help the students.

The school is currently facing lack of proper infrastructure and students are shifting to other private schools. The teachers are under pressure to retain the students. In order to prevent children dropping out, Pakruddin and his colleagues Nooruddin and Radhakrishna Nayak pooled in money to buy two cars to provide pick and drop facility to students from their home to school and back.

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 "A lot of parents are unwilling to send their children to our school, instead they send them to the nearest English medium school because of its proximity and since their facilities are better. To add to the woe, we also face severe staff shortage. Hence, we bought an Ambassador and an Omni to pick up students who stay 8-10 km away. We drive this ourselves and each day as many as 88 students avail the service," Pakruddin said in an interview with Edex.

The future is still full of challenges 

Due to Pakruddin and his colleagues’ efforts, the students are now attending classes regularly and there is a short-term respite for the school officials. The parents of the students are also in awe of the efforts being made by the teachers. The teachers of Darul Islam Aided Higher Primary School are showing that a teacher should be passionate about teaching and go out of his/her way to make sure that the students do not suffer. However, in the future, there are going to be many more challenges for these inspired people. The cars require high maintenance, with an annual expenditure of approximately 2 lakhs on them.

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“This is a 70-year-old building with broken roofs and cracked floors. During the rainy season, the classrooms usually leak and the school sometimes floods because of which classes will need to be called off. This year too, the students and teachers had to hoist the flag on the roadside during the Independence Day celebrations because of the floods," says Pakruddin.

KenFolios hopes that the efforts of these teachers don’t go in vain and the school gets a new life soon.


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