Inspiring Story Of Jamil Meusen: From Orphanage In Dongri To Becoming A Dutch Commissioner

Many years back, the people at Dongri children’s observations home would never have imagined that the 3-year-old child living among them would go on to become a Dutch Commissioner! But this miraculous story tells us that if there is an unshakeable determination and passion, nothing else matters and no challenge seems too big to overcome. We create our own destiny through our actions. Of course, luck also plays an important role on occasions but as they say, luck favours the brave. The story of Jamil Meusen is about all this. He created his own destiny despite having a childhood that he would quickly like to forget.

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From Dongri to Netherlands

In 1974, Jamil was picked up by two constables when he was three-year-old. He was then put in the Dongri observation home. He recalls that the life there was very miserable. He has faint memories of that life and of the Mumbai city. He remembers roaming around the city lost and alone before being picked up. From Dongri, he was taken to St. Catherine’s Home and Orphanage by a priest. Life changed for Jamil when a Dutch couple adopted him in 1976. His parents, the Meusens, are now in their 80s and live in the Netherlands.

When Jamil was introduced to education, his life took a new turn. Slowly, he started finding a purpose in his life. After completing his basic education in the Netherlands, he trained in the military academy and police academy. Simultaneously, he completed his masters in Public Administration.

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“I was an officer in the Army for 18 years and then in 2007, I joined the Netherlands police. Now, I am a commissioner of police and the chief of a district,” said Meusen, according to Mumbai Mirror.

The Return to India 

Jamil first returned to India in 1986 and then in 2013. When he first wanted to visit his Dongri house, he wasn’t allowed entry since his records could not be found. But he found support from Additional Commissioner of Police Ravindra Shisve who helped him connect with people and also let his enter the Dongri house.

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“In 2013, I was DCP of Zone 1 when our then police commissioner Satyapal Singh told me that Meusen was on an official duty here. He was attached to my office to study policing for 10 days and compare the system in his country and ours. Jamil always wanted to know where he came from. He is a very humble person and has the same humility even now. His intention is to do good and help the society,” said Shisve, according to Mumbai Mirror.

On October 15, Jamil addressed the inmates of Children’s home. It will be an extremely inspirational talk for the children.

“My advice to them is - try to exploit every opportunity, pursue education and do your best. Don’t lose hope and fight all hardships,” said Jamil.

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