Disturbed By The Sight Of Froth On Bellandur Lake, The Residents Decide To Switch To Eco-Friendly Products

Every day while going about our daily routine, we observe multiple things that are just not going right in this world. Mostly, we acknowledge it, talk about it and forget it. This ignorance of humans has not helped in any way. The gravest issue we are dealing with today is the threat to our environment. Everybody is talking about climate change, deforestation, global warming, overpopulation, pollution and many other terms which are seriously affecting our Mother Earth. But for change to happen, we need to take some action and initiate a process that will restore the natural beauty of the earth. Humans are capable of pulling this mammoth task off to a great extent.

In Bengaluru, a group of people have come together to take steps to save the environment from deteriorating further. The people living around Bellandur lake in the city were quite disturbed by the sight of froth rising up from the extremely polluted water every day. Instead of ignoring it altogether, they have decided that they want to save their water body and are making a mass switch to environment friendly and biodegradable alternative to the chemical products.

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Coming up with unique ideas

 “There was awareness among certain groups earlier, but news of frothing lakes has spurred adoption. I use raw soapnut and soak or boil it for use. But there are also many ready-to-use alternatives available in Bengaluru,” says Seema Sharma, a Bellandur resident, in an interview with The Hindu.

Another resident, Shyamala Visak, has been using soapnut to was vessels, mop the floors, laundry and even as hair wash. She has a unique method. She soaks 50 nuts in 5 cups of water for 48 hours. Once soft, the nuts can be easily crushed by hand. The solution with bioenzymes can then be used to clean vessels and in the washroom. Ms. Vishak buys 5 kgs of nuts at ₹150 per kilo and uses it for 45 days.

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A stage for eco-friendly product start-ups 

This positive change in behaviour of the residents also created a new demand in the market. Multiple eco-friendly product companies spotted the opportunity and jumped in to gain the first mover’s advantage.

Bindhu Balasubramanian, founder, Go Rustic, which offers both raw and readymade products speaks to The Hindu, “From around 20 kg per month a year ago, the sale of soapnut is now 50 kg. But many people like readymade products. So, we make it with a liquid-base.”

Companies like Rajendra Hegde’s Biological Research Innovation Centre and Solutions which offer ready-to-use alternatives have also stepped into the market to gain from this move.

The Bellandur lake is not going to purify in a day. It will take months, or may be even years. But the important thing is that an awareness has been created and people are themselves willing to contribute to the resurgence of the water body. More people need to join the movement and switch to eco-friendly products. KenFolios appreciates the spirit of Bellandur residents and hopes that the numbers keep growing.


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