At 87 Years Her Athletic Ambitions Are Winning Medals For India

20 international meets, 36 national meets, 59 district meets just in the veteran category, a total of 414 medals out of which 345 are gold, can an athlete ask for a more successful and illustrious career? The even more amusing fact is that the person being discussed is currently 87-year-old and she is still in no mood to stop. Athlete Daisy Victor has recently added another bronze to her tally which she won at the 2018 World Masters Athletics Champions for shot put and discus throw. The lady has become a huge inspiration not just for those following sports professionally, but even for the common citizens to live life with great positivity and determination.

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The inspiring life of Daisy Victor 

Daisy was born in Nazareth near Tirunelveli in the state of Tamil Nadu. She was brought up in Bellary (in Karnataka) as her father was posted in the city as a postmaster. She had gotten into sports since a very young age and her father motivated her to keep participating in athletics. She started running since she was eight and did not give up on the habit for her entire lifetime. She performed well in track and field events in the school. In 1951, her progress in sports led her to a job in Madras Telephones and she was given special permission to train for two hours every day. She won medals in every event she participated in.

In 1956, Daisy got married to Victor Sundararajan. Luckily, just like her father, her husband was also extremely supportive. Life often takes a new turn for women after marriage in our patriarchal society as they have to give up on their ambitions and take care of their households, but Daisy was adamant to not give up on her dreams. She gave birth to 6 children in a span of 10 years but still did not stop practising! Gradually, Daisy was noticed by higher authorities and famous athletes and she started getting better platforms.

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“When Milkha Singh came to Chennai in 1980, he formed the Veteran Athlete Association. He motivated me to participate in world veteran athletic meets and in 1981, I went to New Zealand and secured the 7th rank. It was then that I started coaching under Victor Wilson. He coached me for international meets. But for my parents and my husband, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my passion,” she says, in an interview with The Hindu.

Following one mantra – Keep Going! 

Daisy practises everyday for 2 hours even today at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Just 2 weeks ago, she won bronze in Masters Meet in Spain and three golds at the district level Masters Meet held on September 30. She got a setback 3 years back when her husband passed away, but after some time, she picked herself up and got back to practising.

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“People ask me: ‘Why do you want to run like this every day? Do you want to fall down and trouble everyone? Can’t you just sit at home and relax with your great grand-children?’ But I have the energy and I use my hard-earned money to travel to sports meets,” says Daisy.

She says that her proudest moment was when ex-Indian Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi felicitated her along with Milkha Singh in 1981. Even now, she is setting new goals for herself.

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“I am leaving for Ludhiana now, where my eldest son lives. I intend to train there for triple jump and break my own record,” she says.

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