From Where Does Mumbai Police Get Its Sarcasm, Cheeky Humor

When we say Mumbai Police, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Think, think... If you ask me I always thought mumbai police as a trigger happy, short tempered, encounters specialists. Honestly, not only me but this has been a general perception of the police for a long time. Have you realized how your body language changes when one of them comes and sits with you. They are blunt instrument and most people believe it is better to avoid them. 

But in last few years, one can see efforts have been made by the Mumbai police to be looked and perceived as people friendly. From going out of the way at times even beyond their call of duty to help the general public to flaunting off their whacky sense of humor on social media. If you ask me it seems that it is definitely taking the edge off of the people in the way they view these officers of the law. 


There have been various instances where these fearless cops have come to people's rescue. In January 2018, when an upscale pub in Kamala Mills caught fire, claiming 14 lives, Mumbai Police Constable Sudarshan Shinde, was on patrolling duty nearby, without thinking of his own safety, this ill-equipped officer rushed inside to save some of those trapped in the fire. He managed to rescue 8 unconscious victims by pulling them out on his shoulders.


 In another incidence, An officer who was at the time working at Pantnagar police station in Ghatkopar, received a call on from a pregnant lady past midnight on the police helpline. Inspector Renuka Buwa, without wasting any time, she along with 2 police vans, immediately reached to help her. They rushed her to Rajawadi hospital, where she safely delivered a baby boy. 

March 24, a Mumbai police constable Ganesh Katte was on duty at IIT police station, when a man came rushing and asked him for help as his wife was in an urgent need of B+ blood, as her blood type was not available in the blood bank. Ganesh being of the same blood type immediately agreed to help the lady. They rushed to Hiranandani Hospital, where after few tests he donated his blood. When asked why did he agree to help, as it was not even a part of his job? Ganesh replied, "“I have been in the police department since last the last seven years. People expect the policemen to help them; I was just doing what I could to help.”

In a similar incident, on March 21st, near Oberoi Mall, Goregaon (E), a traffic police constable retrieved an ailing driver Neeraj who had lost consciousness after suddenly developing high blood pressure. He broke open his car and rushed him to a nearby hospital with the help of bystanders. Constable Vishwanath Maher stayed at the hospital until the man’s family arrived and refused to accept any reward from them.


In the most recent cases, on October 7th, a woman in order to cross platforms started walking across the track towards the opposite platform. Upon seeing the train approaching, the girl freezed. After sensing that the girl was in danger a policeman, risking his life, rushed towards the girl and pulled her back and helped her climb back the platform. Thus saving her life at the nick of time.

And not only that Mumbai Police's funny, witty and sarcastic tweets have become a favorite of netizens. Mumbai Police social media team has been so good with Twitter, with outrightedly hilarious tweets they have managed to drive home some serious hard hitting messages.


Police officers are the only breed of human, who are often cursed and hated by the general public, but in times of need they will not think twice before putting their lives on the line of fire. Mumbai Police department with their heroic and selfless gestures have found many admirers including me and we hope these unsung heroes get the much deserved respect.   

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