Forced to Quit Studies, Kerala Farmer Donates Rs 40,000 to Print Books For Students

When you’re young and you can’t do something you really want to, either turns you bitter and cynical or makes you want to help whoever wants to do the said thing. A case for example mothers, a less educated mother would push her child to study harder.

So is the case with CK Narayana Panicker, a farmer from Feroke in Kozhikode, who due to financial pressure had to quit studies He could not even afford to buy text books. But this did not make him bitter but always ready to help people who so ever wanted to study.


Edamalakkudy is a remote tribal village, which also happens to house the only tribal gram panchayat in the state. This tribal Village has its own spoken language. The government tribal lower primary (LP) school in Edamalakkudy village of Idukki district, was in need of textbooks for children in their local language.

A manuscript was prepared in the spoken language of the Muthuvan tribe using Malayalam script since the community doesn't have one of its own, titled Idamalakkudi Gothra Padavali. But sadly, the LP school didn't have enough funds to print the manuscript.


Their problem was brought to public attention by a local Malayalam daily named Mathrubhumi. It published a report about the school's financial issue and seeked help from anyone who was willing to donate enough money to get the book published.

The news caught the attention of 89-year-old CK Narayana Panicker, who without wasting any more time, went straight to the publication's office to offer the required sum.

In a follow-up report by the daily, it was stated that the editorial staff has already received a generous contribution of ₹40,000 from Panicker, which will soon be handed over to the LP school headmaster R Ravichandran.


The headmaster too on behalf of the children and the tribal community, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Panicker, as his contribution will facilitate the printing of textbooks for children which will help in educating the children.

According to Mathrubhumi, CK Narayana Panicker has always come forward to provide financial support to the needy, be it helping several cancer patients with financial difficulties or a Varappuzha native whose tongue was bitten off by stray dogs.

Picture Source: The Better India; The Hindu


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