From Selling Tea To Becoming India’s 1st Lightweight Professional Boxer, His Journey Will Get Your Adrenalin Flowing

It is often said that the dreams which outgrow the shoes of expectations are the ones that prove the strength of the dreamer. Achieving the possible is commonly easy, but when your current path of life makes it sound impossible to get to your goals, it challenges you in every way in the world to show how much you really want to fulfill that dream. 

Running a tea-stall with his brother in Bhiwani, 24-year-old Rajesh Kumar Kasana holds one such dream of becoming a pro-boxer. Popularly known as Luka in the village, Rajesh has entered the professional circuit many times but still depends on his tea-stall to earn his livelihood. 



" 10 rs ki chai aur thoda khane ka saaman bechta hun. Usi se gujara kar rha hun (I sell tea for Rs. 10 and some eatables to earn my livelihood)," Rajesh told TOI during an exclusive interview. 

Rajesh follows a very simple routine every day. He opens the tea-stall at 5 am and runs it until 1 pm after which his brother takes over for the night. After having some lunch, he heads straight for boxing practice around 6 pm. Despite his hectic schedule, he never has compromised on either part of his routine as both hold equal importance for him. 



Besides his brother, he only has his mother in the family after his father and sister both died after suffering from cancer. His dad was a driver by profession and lost his life to cancer when Rajesh was in school. In 2011, his sister was also diagnosed with cancer and to save her life, Rajesh did everything that he could. Even after all possible efforts and selling his village property for better treatment, she couldn’t fight the deadly disease and died in 2013.

"My father wanted me to become a boxer. I want to fulfill his dreams at any cost," Rajesh said.

"I lost my father when I was in school. He was the backbone of our family. After his death, I left my studies and started driving. When things didn’t work out, I opened a tea stall after my friends gave me the suggestion” the boxer said.

But Rajesh never decided to quit from his passion for boxing and managed ways to help him support his dreams. Royal Sports Promotions, a marketing agency who promotes budding talent is taking care of Rajesh’s finances and resources to help him climb the stairs of success. 



 "I have fought many bouts under this banner. They have supported me financially to a great extent. From boxing gloves to my dietary requirements, to my daily expenses, they have always been there,” he said. 

Hailing from the same town as Vijender Singh, he admires the pro-boxer as a mentor. "I went to meet him (Vijender) once. One of my friends encouraged me to seek his help. Vijender was busy in some tournament, so I couldn’t meet him,” the boxer said.

The perspective we have towards life might not matter to us in our daily lives but can turn your rock bottom into a solid foundation for building your life. It’s just the matter of vision you develop for yourself. Rajesh cannot be defined as a person who ‘just’ sells tea. Those who pass by his shop every day might not even know about his professional glory. But what speaks for his identity is his courage, determination, and grit to achieve his late father’s dreams. 


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