Kids Lose Both Of Their Parents, Recieve Helping Hand From A Stranger

Coping up with life after losing a loved one is never easy. Very often, after we lose someone we realize the importance of them in our lives and the void that they had filled in our hearts. But for children, losing a parent can be exceptionally devastating. Not only do they lose someone who takes care of them, they lose someone who can provide for them. At times, this can even lead to psychological disorders.

Siblings Samriddhi and Samarth Pardeshi seem to have had the worst fate when they lost their father, right after they lost their mother. The 17 year old Samriddhi and her 4 year old brother live with their grandmother now, who earns a meagre income working as a domestic worker. Things started to look really dire for them financially, as they still struggled emotionally and psychologically.

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Misfortune Lingers

The mother of the two children, Preeti, was undergoing a treatment at KEM Hospital in Pune after she had a leg surgery. Much to their surprise, however, not only did she not get any better, she never woke up again. The family had no clue what had happened to her. But as the plight of the poor strikes, they couldn’t even complain.

On October 5th, as the family was returning from Preeti’s funeral, disaster struck once again. The incident happened in Junu Bazaar near a crossing. “We were waiting at the signal and a man came asking for an address in Katraj. My son started explaining; barely had he uttered two words when something massive fell on him with a loud sound. Within a second, I saw my son fall to the ground and blood everywhere. I started shouting and Samarth started crying. I didn’t know what to do. I saw my son die before my eyes. I am barely alive myself,” says Rukmini, the grandmother of the children, as she recalls how she saw her son, Shivaji, die right in front of her eyes.

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A Ray Of Hope

The future seemed really bleak for both of the kids as they lost both their parents one after the other. But as luck would have it, when the hoarding fell on Shivaji, a social worker by the name of Gayatri Pathak happened to be there. Gayatri runs an organization called Sanath Welfare Foundation that works for educational rights, rehabilitation and the welfare of children. After the incident, Gayatri decided that she would adopt the kids and provide for their education and needs.

“It was my father’s dream that I pursue a college degree and become an educated, independent girl. My father toiled every day to earn a few thousands and maintain the family, but never stopped me from going to school. I will be happy to get adopted, but as of now, I will remain with my grandmother as she has no one else. But, we want madam (Pathak) and the government to help us so that I can fulfil my parents’ dream,” says Samriddhi. Shivaji, her father, used to work as an auto-driver and didn't earn a lot, but according to her, when it came to her education, he didn't hesitate to spend any amount of money.

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Justice To The Deceased

The whole accident happened right in front of their eyes and as much as they would like to forget it, the memories of that day keeps haunting them. Samarth, a four year old, especially is having a hard time trying to deal with it and keeps crying whenever he thinks about his parents. Samriddhi studies in STD 11 at Wadia College and will be appearing for her boards the next year. She is still hell-bent on trying to realize the dream even after all that has happened to them. Hopefully, both the kids will get education and priviledges that can help them become better people in this society.

As the accident was a fault of the workers behind the hoarding, the police have taken the case seriously and have apprehended two railway employees, an engineer and his assistant. Pathak and the victim family however, want the senior officials to be apprehended as they think it is a fault of negligence on their part. They are looking to file a separate FIR against the senior officials who Pathak believes hide behind their desk as they push the responsibilities onto the junior workers.

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