At 18, This Top Class Sprinter Aspires To Work For A Remote Assam Village. Here's Why

Someone once rightly said, “When you have made it in life, you must give back to those who made you.” When we say give back to the society, it is not only limited to donation but it’s more about making a difference. Giving back means doing something for the society where the only reward is its betterment. There are people who have made it big in the world but have forgotten about their roots. It’s just one needs to understand, no matter how busy an individual in constant rat-race, one should never be too busy give back.


This story is about an 18-year-old Indian sprint runner Hima Das who holds the current Indian national record in 400 metres with a timing of 50.79 secs. After making the country proud on numerous international competitions, Adidas, a globally renowned sportswear company, recently signed an endorsement deal with the athlete, they would be providing her with the best products the company has to offer for her racing and athletic needs.

Hima who is flying high with major sports brand endorsing her, hails from a small village called Kandhulimari in central Assam. Like a good citizen of that village, Hima hopes to give back to the society who made her what she is today. “I want to develop my village. For that whatever needs to be done, I will do. That’s why I had led the campaign. Even now I am part of a newly-formed Brothers Club, in which my cousins and my friends are involved. It works for the betterment of the village,” Hima said in an interview at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on Saturday.


She further added, “There is a lot of talent in villages but the opportunities are not there. I decided to break out and that is why I have reached where I have.” When asked about the Brothers club she said “They are doing their job, I will do mine. They discuss with me before taking any step. I was also involved in the student’s union. We would roam around and go together whenever there was any problem. There I had named the group ‘Mon jai’ (I feel like, in Assamese). It is my favorite tagline from a song and I use it in almost all social media posts.”


Hima who is nicknamed ‘Dhing Express’ which refers to the town nearest to her village. But according Hima, “I don’t think I have made Dhing popular. It is already popular with the people living there because it is their home. I am just satisfied I have been able to make them happy.”

When God gives you fame and money, try raising the standard of giving. This is what life is meant to do – improve lives of people around it.

Picture Source: HT (Twitter); Business Today


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