This Cop Risks His Life On Tracks To Save Girl And It Just Reaffirms Our Faith In Goodness

Police officers risk their lives almost every day to make our lives easier. Very often, however, they are projected under a different light which makes us think that all police officers are corrupt and don’t really care about the public. Even though there are a lot of cops who operate that way, not all of them are using their uniforms to make some extra cash.

The bravery and quick thinking shown by an unnamed police officer show us that they do care about the public and are very qualified to keep us protected. Having saved a girl from being run over by a train, the brave act of the officer was caught on a CCTV camera. Although he deserves a well-rounded applause, it seems his name hasn’t been made public yet.


The Incident

The incident took place in Navi Mumbai’s Juhinagar railway station when the girl got down on the tracks from the platform and tried to cross it to make it over to the other side. Within seconds however, a train appears and it seems that there was little time to make it back to safety.

Fortunately, the police officer who was resting on a bench in the platform had a quick eye and caught the scene. He understood that the train was coming fast and he had to do something to get the girl out of harm’s way.

Showing extraordinary courage and sense of responsibility, he jumped onto the tracks in an attempt to pull the girl out of the tracks. In such a moment, however, people often lose their minds and the same happened with the girl as she was too scared to climb over to the platform. The cop even helped her up so that she would be safe.


Safety and Security

Both of them escaped the incident unharmed, thanks to the quick reflexes of the cop. Here was another life saved from a train accident. With one of the world’s largest railway networks in the world, the country also has a record of high number of accidents involving trains. Every year a lot of people die or get injured in train accidents.

This time, there was someone who had the skills and will to help someone out of an accident but there isn’t one always. In order to make sure that these accidents are kept to a minimum, we need to make sure that security around trains, especially in railway stations, is maintained. The cop is no less than a hero, and he certainly deserves the praise.

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