Here's A Positive, Feel Good Story Amidst The Movement

Women safety has been a major issue in India. Every day nearly dozens of women get harassed either mentally or physically. Many of the cases are registered with women who work for some company in late night shifts. After being dropped at a desolated bus stop, this woman from Mumbai was waiting for an auto rickshaw at 01.30 am. She was totally vulnerable in the dark so the bus driver and conductor decided to do something that will surprise you.

She was vulnerable

One and a half hour passed the midnight, a regular working woman from Mumbai was returning home by a bus after her shift. She got down at a barren bus stop from where she was supposed to get an auto rickshaw, but there was no one around. She looked distressed, so the bus driver asked her if someone’s is coming to pick her up. She said there was no one and she had to get an auto rickshaw. After analyzing the situation, the bus driver decided to do something that not only restored faith in humanity but also proved that not all men are sexual predators.


Together they waited

The bus driver and the conductor of 398 ltd waited with her at the bus stop although there were other passengers waiting in the bus. They left only when she found an auto rickshaw. It was not their duty to wait for her, but it was their moral responsibility that made them do so. The rest of the passengers also co-operated which helped a woman reach home safely. They all showed that humanity and pure intent are the most important things when it comes to helping fellow human beings. The noble deed of the driver and conductor got a shout out on twitter and people showed great love and support to them.  


The shout out

This has happened with me too. I was travelling from Pune to Mumbai. Met my lecturer on my way. When we reached Borivali bus station, knowing that I was alone & it was 11pm. He stood there with me, until I booked a cab, gave me his and his wife's number in case I need any help,” tweeted Antra Joshi, who once was in the same situation.

This is a perfect example which proved that it is not about the social strata of a person which leads to threat against women but it is the nature, thinking and intent of the person that determines his actions towards a woman.

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