Post The Floods, Kerala Is Getting Flood-Resistant Homes Due To The Efforts Of Two Organizations!

Earlier this year, Kerala happened to witness the biggest natural disaster it had experienced in almost a century. The floods destroyed communities, infrastructure, took hundreds of lives and dampened the natural beauty of the state. However, the unfortunate event has also brought to shore a lot of positives in the form of acts of humanity, selflessness and unity. People came together in this tough time and helped each other irrespective of their backgrounds. There have been multiple stories of people who came forward to contribute. Even people from other states donated in whatever way they could for the victims of the floods.

Now that the state has started recuperating from the disaster, we are still seeing individuals and organizations assisting in the re-development so that they are better prepared for another such event in the future. One of the worst hit districts was Wayanad. A lot of residents were left homeless. In order to help these people, two organisations - Vatakara-based NGO, Thanal and URVI Sustained Developers – have started building flood-resistant homes!

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Prevention is better than cure!

"The idea of a flood resistant home occurred to us after visiting the affected areas. Some of the houses we saw get submerged every year during the monsoons, this time wasn't the first. So, we wanted to come up with an effective plan to help people in the low-lying areas as a long-term solution," says Basheer, a member of Thanal, in an interview with Edex.

The blueprint of the house was developed by URVI and Thanal took the responsibility of managing interiors and the manpower required in the construction of the house. Both the organizations started working together on this very important project and they could complete the first protoype within just 18 days. Generally, the alliance of separate organizations is prone to conflicts, but URVI and Thanal were totally focused on the cause.

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A cheap and efficient model

The prototype of the house cost ₹6.25 lakhs which is relatively cheap. The total size of the house is 560 sq ft. It is made of steel and fibre board. The main feature of this flood-proof house is that it has an elevated floor which stands on 12 poles to allow water through it. The present design consists of a living room, veranda, dining room, two bedrooms, a common washroom and an elevated entrance to the house and is much more cost-effective than a regular house.

"As part of our rehabilitation effort, the foundation along with the local panchayat decided to construct more such houses for the displaced. We have identified 70 such houses and bought one acre of land to rehabilitate these families," says Basheer, who works as a freelance finance consultant.

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The first successful model of the flood-resistant home was handed over to 70-year-old Fathumma in Pozhuthana village. The old man had lost his house in the floods.

URVI and Thanal are doing an appreciable job. Humans are naturally attached to the houses they stay in and it is extremely painful to lose everything that you have built with so much efforts. The flood-resistant homes are a great idea to protect the house from the unforeseen natural disaster of floods.

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