Read How A Lady And Her Unborn Child Were Saved By Two Unsung Heroes

Every year nearly 15,000 people die due to falling from speeding trains. This four month pregnant lady from Mumbai had no idea that she could have been one among them if two heroes wouldn't have intervened. Like every other day, she boarded a local train to reach her workplace. She was standing near the door which is when she somehow lost her balance but what happened next was no less than miracle for the lady and her unborn child.

Like every other day

Puja Jagtap, a 23 year old dress designer boarded a local train at 10:35 am for her office. As the train was just few stations away from her destination, she moved closer to the door. When the train was about to reach Bandra, she somehow felt hazy and lost her balance due to which she slipped outside from the running train. She landed on her face which caused her severe injuries. Since she was badly hurt, she was unable to move away from the track which could have led to some more severe accident from upcoming train but then happened a miraculous intervention.


"My wife works at a dress designer's office in Mahim. As we live in Goregaon, the fastest option for her to reach work is to take a train," says Swapnil, her husband.

Saved by God’s grace

A police woman, Mejari, and a college student Prerna Shah ran into her rescue as soon as the train stopped. They promptly acted and moved her out of the tracks just in time and then both of them raised the alarm after which the cops reached the site. Puja was bleeding heavily on the side of her face upon which she had fallen. Mejari cleaned her face with water and calmed her. Later she found Puja’s mobile phone and informed her husband about the whole scenario after which she was taken to the hospital.


We reached the spot where she was lying and realised that another train could arrive at any minute. I asked Shah to hold Jagtap's arms while I held her legs, and we moved her away from the tracks," says Mejari.

All’s well if it ends okay

Puja got 22 stitches on her face and is out of danger now. Her child is also safe and sound after such a terrible accident. If it wasn’t for Mejari and Prerna, she and her unborn child would have lost their lives. Swapnil is highly grateful to the heroes who saved her wife and their child.

"We cannot thank Mejari and the railway police enough," says Swapnil.

It is only because of people like them, that humanity exists and people have faith. Besides, people also need to be very careful while travelling in trains because hurry may cost them their lives and leave behind their family who suffers the pain of them gone.

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