Quick Action Helps A Fire Fighter Save 19 Passengers Stuck In A Burning Bus

Bravery is not very common but on day to day basis we keep hearing about stories that involved unshrinking courage and valor. In a world where people, who wouldn't move a muscle to save a man dying in a road accident or a woman who is openly being assaulted, you would always find that one man/woman who would step forward to help. I am sure that person is equally scared but he or she knows that's the right thing to do. This article is also about a man who could have chosen to be a mere spectator and watch 19 people perish but in stead he chose to do what was right, saving them.

It was like any other day for Yogesh Chavan, a fire-fighter. He was heading home in Satara after completing his night duty at the Kothrud fire station when spotted a bus on fire. The fire had broken out in the bus cabin of a Maharashtra state transport bus which was plying between Swargate and Mahabaleshwar. Thus trapping 19 people who were on-board.   

hqvqmwyiddgfeetffjxn4mq7ssnrzmwf.jpgYogesh Chavan being a fire-fighter himself, couldn't just stand there, he knew he had to do something about it. Without wasting any time, he first made a call to the fire brigade and then in order to douse the fire he started to collect sand from the ghat with the intention of dousing the fire. It is believed that by dumping heaps of sand, cuts the oxygen supply helping in dousing the fire. But unfortunately, the plan didn't work. 

He had to think of a new plan and fast before the situation goes out of control. Luckily for everyone, he spotted a car coming towards them, he asked them to stop and help. Thankfully, the car was carrying a small fire exinguisher. With the help of fire extinguisher, Yogesh, managed to douse the fire completely even before the fire brigade reached the spot, thus saving all the 19 passengers that were stuck in the bus, thanks to his presence of mind and quick action.


There is a common saying in this line-of-work "A fireman is never off-duty," and aren't we all glad about that. These men including police officers and doctors are few unsung heroes, who are all out there every single day, ready to help anyone who needs them.      

Picture Source: Pune Mirror and The Better India


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