Village In Pune Gets Rid Of Mosquitos Completely, Authorities Now Plan The Same All Over Pune

Amidst the hot and humid climate all over India, it is no surprise that mosquitos have infested themselves very well here. The World Health Organization estimates that India has 15 million cases of malaria each year with about 20,000 deaths. And this is just malaria, apart from which there are various other diseases spread by mosquitos like dengue.

In an attempt to reduce these numbers and improve the quality of lifestyle, a village in Pune district of Maharashtra, Sansar, has completely eradicated mosquitos. After being plagued long enough by mosquitos, the people of the village decided to get rid of mosquitos and they actually did. By targeting breeding spots and carefully taking care of every open waterway, they have managed to make the village mosquito-free.


Armed With Knowledge

In 2016, Pune district’s health department started an initiative to educate the people about the dangers of mosquitos and how to get rid of them. Children were taught about it in schools and were made to participate in events and competitions related to the subject. This gave the kids useful information regarding how to deal with mosquitos, where they breed, etc.

The programme wasn’t limited to the children, though. From panchayat officials to senior citizens, every villager was educated on this and taught how to deal with mosquitos. After all, for such a job it was necessary that every person was willing to help. Everyone worked as a team to deal with a mutual problem. Groups of 15 people were made and were sent out to revamp drainage systems, cover up tough spots with nets, etc.


“Everyone in the village is trained and educated to identify breeding spots and ways to eliminate them. A team is divided in a group of 15 people, and they all go and supervise different areas. While some of them look for breeding spots and check containers, others educate the elderly,” says Pushkraj Nimbalkar, one of the residents of the village, to India Times.

Rewards Of Teamwork

The village now takes pride in the fact that everyone is well equipped with information on how to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and keep the environment safer. Dilip Mane, district health officer said, “The house index, container index, Breteau index and pupae index of the village is zero. There is no mosquito in the entire village and this could happen only because of community participation.”


After such a brilliant work by the villagers of Sansar and such a huge success on the project, the health department plans to take this initiative to all 14 tehsils of Pune district. This success, shows us that if we can cooperate and work together, we can be capable of great things. Hopefully, the news of the project spreads amongst people so that they can start researching and take actions on their own. Maybe, one day the whole country might be mosquito-free.

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