Compassion Drove These Ambulance Drivers To Cover A Distance Of 2,750 Kilometers

In a world where even the members of a family can’t stand each other sometimes, a group of ambulance drives showed humanity and compassion towards an unknown family who lost their son in a road accident. How they did it, read next to find out.

The accident

On September 5, 2018, there was a road accident in Thenjippalam which costed 20 year old Sikhandar his life. He was a migrant worker from Varanasi working for some company in Malappuram, Kerala. His employers wanted to send his body via air to his family but because his body lacked any identity proof, they couldn’t proceed with that plan. Finally when the police managed to contact his relatives, they informed that they can’t afford to travel to Kerala. So, an alternative was required to send his body to his acquaintances.


Intervention by ambulance drives

After the company's methods failed , four ambulance drivers, Abdul Sattar, Nazar, Abdul Pathirangal and Abdul Rehman at Chemmad in Malappuram district decided to help this family out. They carried the body all the way to Varanasi via road. They started the journey on September 28, 2018 and reached Varanasi on October 2, 2018, covering a distance of 2,750 kilometers and handed over the body to Varanasi police. After which the relatives claimed the body and got the last glimpse of their loved one.


The motive was simple

The whole story is not about how it was done but why it was done. It was driven purely out of compassion that drivers had towards a fellow human being even though he was not their family or friend. The world needs people like these because no matter how successful we become, it is our compassion and attitude towards others that makes us more human and bring us closer to achieve a bigger purpose.

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