Mumbai Local Driver Stops Train To Help Injured Man Lying On Tracks

Mumbai locals are said to be the lifeline of the city. The forever active busy literally never sleeps and the locals have a big part to play in the city’s fast, restless lifestyle. The residents of the city are also often applauded for being helpful and warm towards each other. You can randomly step into any local station of Mumbai and you will not find any difficulty in exploring the routes of the local trains. Despite the rapid increase in population levels, Mumbai citizens respect each other’s time. The locals are very rarely delayed.

On September 28, 2018, the city witnessed a heart-warming incident when a local train driver stopped his train when he spotted an injured man lying on the tracks and helped him get out of the tricky situation.

arh5uwphxbga349syu3eqckzti9r8hip.jpgSource - Indian Express

Pulling off a heroic act!

Driver PD Lokey was driving a semi-fast local train and he had just crossed Diva station in Thane when he saw that a person was lying between two tracks. He immediately stopped the train and informed guard M D Aalam. The two then helped get the injured man on a train going in an opposite direction. Because of Lokey’s instinctive actions, the person could reach hospital on time and his life could be saved.

The injured person was later identified as Pankaj Maurya. He is a resident of Andheri (West) and he was on his way to the office when the tragic accident happened and he got stuck between two railway tracks. He was stuck on the track for hours and could not even reach out to anyone before Lokey came to his help. One might consider Maurya extremely lucky that he got help otherwise he might have even lost his life.


A truly noble deed

What PD Lokey and MD Aalam did is not something that we see very often nowadays. They went out of their duty hours to help an injured person. It was such a selfless act of humanity and they really need to be appreciated for it. Such stories make us believe that humanity still exists. PD Lokey has become an inspiration for many and rightly so.

Mr. Sunil, the spokesperson of Central Railways, said that the Railways are proud of the work done by Lokey and Aalam and arrangements are being made to nominate their names for a reward from the government. Appreciation is necessary as it will motivate the two to continue doing such tasks and even others will want to gain a good name like them.

KenFolios hopes that Lokey and Aalam do get rewarded because they have saved a human being from dying, and the act cannot be overlooked.


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