Inspired By A Movie, A Father Quit His Job To Train His Daughters

After the release of Dangal, Geeta and Babita, the daughters of Phogat family became inspiration to many. Their dedication and hard work led them to glory. But what was even more inspiring was their father, Mahaveer Singh Phogat’s sacrifice to see his daughters fulfill the dream he saw for them. Inspired by him, this person from Uttar Pradesh has embarked on a journey to train his daughters in boxing.

Quitting government job

Ramesh Rawat was a government servent, working for custom department in Noida. Since his childhood he was highly inclined towards body building and boxing but had to give up due to lack of support from his family. Later when he got married and had children, both of his daughters also became very fond of boxing but it required proper training and diet. Most importantly a lot of money was required for a professional training. But then, a movie became the inspiration behind the inception of another Mahaveer Singh Phogat.


Dangal was about to begin

After watching Dangal, Ramesh realized there was no perfect time to begin. So, he quit his stable job and started doing small time work just enough to sustain the family so he can devote maximum time training his girls. The girls also responded pretty well and dedicated themselves towards boxing. 

He wakes us up at 04:00 am and we exercise till 06:00 am. Then I leave for coaching and then he coaches my little sister. Then we train again in the evening. My father is more working harder than both of us,” says Mansi, the elder sister.

Fighting against the odds


They trained hard and the elder daughter Mansi even played in the state championships and bagged bronze and silver. Now she plans to go for the National championship but the professional training costs rupees 10,000 which was not affordable for the family but Ramesh’s wife contributed to it. She gave up her jewelry as mortgage for their daughters training. Mansi is currently training for national championship which is next month. 

It is only their dedication to perform for the nation that keeps them going. Although Ramesh asked for help from the government but there is no such facility currently available in Noida but he is still focusing on his daughters because their boxing career is his first priority. The government should definitely have provisions for those who are willing to perform for the nation and willing to bring it glory.

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