Restoring Faith In Humanity Selfless Drivers Travel 2750 kms To Deliver Migrant Worker’s Body To Varanasi

Migration for work is extremely common in India. Almost 139 million people or more are estimated to migrate in search of work. The people who migrate are from regions that are densely populated with really low minimum wage, areas that are more prone to social or political conflicts but all this kept aside, it’s mainly because of poverty, lack of local options and the non-availability of better work environment. 

Kerala has always been a favorite for workers mainly because of better livelihood and fair wages. The minimum wage in Kerala is Rs 600, while the minimum wages in these states varies from Rs 90 to Rs 200. According to studies, every migrant worker in Kerala sends Rs 70,000 home per year. In addition to this state also provides good healthcare and educational facilities. But the problem arises when something tragic happens to the laborer, poor financial conditions of the family and almost no personal records makes it impossible for the family to get their near and dear one home and give him a decent farewell. 


 This is article is about one such case and how few people came together to help a young man take its last journey back to his home.

Like many others 20-year-old Sikhander, a migrant laborer from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, moved to Chemmad in Malappuram district to find employment. But sadly this young man died in a bike accident on September 25th 2018.

The private company where he was working as a laborer, found it rather difficult to arrange for his body to be taken back to his home in Varanasi due to lack of identity proof. The police officials from Thenjippalam police station even contacted his family to inform them about Sikander’s death and requested them to make arrangements for his body to reach his hometown. But sadly, due to poverty the family could not afford to travel to Kerala to see their kin for one last time nor could bear the expenses of transporting his body for a proper burial.


It is a common belief that there are angels among us. Here four ambulance drivers from Kerala stepped in as angels, showing kindness and selflessness still exists.  Abdul Sattar, Nazar, Abdul Pathirangal and Abdul Rehman came forward with the intention of doing the right thing and help the boy reach his hometown. They set out around noon on September 28th and covered a distance of 2,750 kilometers in four days reaching on 2nd October and finally handing over Sikhander’s body to his family.

In a time where people don’t even stop to help an accident victim, this news comes all laden with hope in humanity and its future.

Picture Source: The Better India; ManoramaOnline

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