Juhi's Journey: From Foul Smelling Washroom To The Essence Of Glory

When a person suffers, there are two possible aspects of them they can embrace. Either they give up on themselves, stop pushing themselves or fight it and make things work for them. She was brought up in room attached to a public washroom. Where it is so hard to just stand due to foul odour, she spent 12 years of her life. But it is time’s nature to cherish those who believe in themselves despite all the hardships and her time also came.

Sufferings in her childhood

Juhi Jha of Indore, lived in a family of five in a room attached to a public bathroom because her father was employed there. For a family of five it was hard to sustain on her father’s monthly salary of 6000-7000 rupees. But still they were managing it somehow for three years after which her father lost his job and home too. Even survival became a burden on the family let alone other facilities. But this only made Juhi stronger and prepared her for something she never dreamed of. 


We lived here for 12 years. My father used to earn 6000-7000 rupees which supported household errands. There were many hardships but I never gave up playing. Three years my father lost his job and home as well,” says Juhi.

Her inclination towards sports

Juhi was a sports enthusiast and didn’t give up on sports even though her father lost his job. She found her strength in Kho-Kho and persuaded it. With time not only her skills got honed but she got an opportunity to play professionally. Once she got the wings, there was nothing that could have stopped her from flying towards a brighter future.

Her feathers shined brighter


Due to her excellence in Kho-Kho, she was awarded by the Vikram award, the highest honour to any sports person by Madhya Pradesh government on October 2, 2018. She became the only female player from Indore to have won Vikram award. It is only because of her strong will to bring her family out of all the pain and suffering that made her the victor she is today. Her family now lives in Banganga prosperously. 

My mother stitches clothes and I have been employed in a government school. I am happy that I’ll be able to help my family,” Says Juhi.

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