This 20-Something Man Is Behind Saving 1000+ Lives

Typically, when you are in mid-twenties, life is only beginning to unfold. There's energy, fun, and a lot of things that can be labelled under 'going with the flow'. But there are always some individuals who combine their talent with hard work causing a spark so bright that everyone is forced to notice it.

Even as a young college student, Kuunal Saraff (26) recognized his entrepreneurial streak and acted on it breathlessly. Today, at 26, he wears the badge of saving hundreds of life only because he believed in his idea and pursued it passionately. He the founder of The Saviours, a non-governmental organization that has built a network of blood donors and does various other humanitarian projects.


Rising from the ashes

"After finishing college I came back to my hometown . It so happened that one day, my grandfather needed to be hospitalized and we had to run from pillar to post for arranging blood. It was harrowing," Kuunal tells KenFolios in an interview.

 It was in this moment that he realized arranging blood is a widespread struggle and brings a lot of stress to friends and family members of patients. He began thinking if going through this ordeal is mandatory or could their be a way out. Within a month of finishing college, he established The Saviours, in August 2014. It sure was not an easy task but the first time Kuunal single-handedly arranged for over 100 donors he became more sure than ever that he would scale his activities at a larger scale.


"When you help others the universe conspires to help you." - How an iPhone Made Me The Youngest Billionaire, a book by Kuunal Saraff.

Creating attractive model

Kuunal devised an internship model which attracted students for certificates. However, the impact caused by their work motivated the students to continue the association for more than just a couple of years.

"We exist because there is a gap between blood donors and recipients," says Kuunal.

Today, The Saviours has expanded to a team of 3000+ volunteers, with a database of 30,000+ emergency donors and have effectively saved over 1,000 lives with its work. Started from Kolkata, it now has its units in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore too.

Humanity above all

"Apart from working with blood donors, The Saviours also does workshop with children in orphanages, spends time with lonely and elderly, feeds poor and homeless. My work earns me so much satisfaction that it can't be put into words," says the BBA graduate.


It is Kuunal's next ambition to create autonomous teams of The Saviour in every Indian city and bridge the gap between blood donors and recipients and to expand the humanitarian work that they do.

Cheers to the amazing work that The Saviours is doing. They cement our belief in humanity and treating everyone with love and respect. Share the story and leave below your comments.

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