Police Constable Offers To Look After Baby So That The Mother Could Write Her Exam!

Social media has become an integral part of our lives now. While many might argue that it is slowly overpowering our minds and impacting us in negative ways, it’s uses and practical implications cannot be discounted. This platform is extremely useful to spread positivity in the society and even create more harmony. Social media users are growing in huge numbers every single day and the potential to really impact lives is tremendous. Even a single photo, article or video can go ‘viral’ and show the positive side of humanity that still exists in our society. Such events make people happier and inspire them to work towards the better of the society as a whole.

Recently, a photo of a Police inspector holding and caressing a baby was uploaded on Twitter and it went viral in no time. The inspector had gone beyond his duty calls and offered a lady to look after her baby till she writes an exam.

dhjq8qzhhwdxppkzztvjengksjzdzydx.jpegSource - Deccan Chronicle 

Being a mother can sometime get tricky as there is no time for any other activity. They need support not just from the family, but from the entire society. It is a huge help for the mother if unexpected people suddenly help them to juggle between motherhood and their personal careers. In Telangana, a woman had to write her SCTPC exam but she could not take her little baby inside the exam hall and also could not keep the child alone. Help came in the form of Head Constable Mujeeb-ur-Rehman of Moosapet Police Station. Rehman stepped in at the right time and offered to take care of the baby while the mother writes the exam.

A photo of Rehman playing with the infant was uploaded on Twitter by District Police Chief of Mahbubnagar, Telangana - IPS officer Rema Rajeshwari. She said that Mujeeb-ur-Rehman was on duty while conducting the SCTPC exam in Boys Junior College, Mahbubnagar. He took good care of the baby while the mother peacefully wrote her exam.

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The picture went viral on Twitter and Facebook and people gave a very warm reception. Many people said that Rehman has set an example of how we can contribute towards women empowerment in our own small ways. To set an example for the society, it often takes going out of your comfort zone and stepping into an area which doesn’t always belong to your circle of responsibility. Rehman did not take care of the baby just to get famous, in fact he did not even know that his photo will become so popular. He just took care of the baby to help the mother. Such noble intentions help in going a long way.

KenFolios hopes that Rehman’s sweet gesture inspires more people and sets an example of how the men can, and should, share the load with women.

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