A Father's Agony Led To A Resolution Which Will Save Thousands Of Lives

We have seen how poorly managed roads become a threat to the people. Not only they cause inconvenience to the people, but also possess a major threat to their lives. Potholes and open drains are some of the most visible threats on road. They might look very small but many people suffer due to it. Every year there are thousands of registered cases where people either get injured due to these or in some cases even lose their lives leaving behind their family with endless grief. 

One more victim…

According to government's data, potholes claim nearly 56 lives on a daliy basis. Prakash (16) was also one of the victims of these deadly holes. He lost his life to an open drain in Mumbai leaving behind his 48 year old father, Dadarao in agony. The heartbroken father was shaken to his core but he took a resolution that not only could wipe out such threats but also could bring peace to his son’s memories. He took the responsibility of filling these potholes on his shoulders. 


Only the beginning is tough

When he began his mission, he used to put pave blocks to cover these potholes. But as he proceeded further, he managed to arrange debris from construction sites. As he continued making efforts, people also realized the cause and voluntarily joined him to fight this evil together. After three years of Prakash’s demise, 100 potholes have been filled with combined efforts 120 people on the Juhu-Vikhroli Link road, near the same spot where Prakash faced that fatal accident.

We could have no more potholes or damaged roads in the country if all Mumbai residents come together”, says Dadarao.

United they stand


No matter how the big the problem may look, it can never outrun the strength of masses united. Not only Dadarao, but there are many other people too who are working towards this cause only to make the roads free from any threats. When one man steps up for the good of whole community, the remaining do join them. Because these problems are not mine or yours but it’s ours and if we are not willing to stand for ourselves, then who will?

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