The Man That Made Science Fun For The Students Is Now Making Them Environmentally Conscious Too

A quality education is the basic necessity for empowering individuals and societies. A country where half the population live in rural areas, where basic necessities is hard to find, quality education becomes even rare. The subject that takes the major beating is none other than science. Science be it biology, physics or chemistry, requires practical training. For practical experiments one needs a well-equipped laboratories. This has led to excessive dependence on rote-learning, children do graduate but without any practical knowledge. Thus making them lack employable skills. 


This is where Lewitt Somarajan and his LIFE (Learning Is Fun & Experiential) labs comes into the picture. Former engineer, Lewitt is a happy-go-lucky entrepreneur/CEO of life Labs. This social enterprise is dedicated to making learning fun and easy-to-do for students and is using an approach where students can perform experiments anytime and anywhere.

It all started in 2011 when Lewitt joined Teach for India, where he realized the mediocrity of education at grass root levels.“I believe that learning need not be a torture; teacher need not be a ring master and classroom need not be a circus stage,” he notes.  


Lewitt then founded LIFE Lab in 2013, a mission to create innovative teaching-learning methods that are fun, engaging and conducive for children from all sections. Instead of by-hearting the subject matter, this is helping the children develop an inquisitive and scientific temperament. It is an easy-to-operate DIY activity kits and demos that describe science concepts in a fun and engaging way. This is especially for schools which do not have high-tech infrastructure or laboratories with expensive instruments.

LIFE Lab chose science as a launchpad to develop the exploratory attitude in educators and students which will lead to igniting natural instinct of exploration, innovation and creation in children as well as teachers. It has developed over 180 models that are compliant with curriculum for children in Classes III to X. These models have been designed with day to day stuffs and locally available materials, so that teachers and children can co-create models whenever needed.


But there is more to education than studies, environmental responsibility too is a part of it. Recently, the company decided to cut down on plastic waste. In a meeting last year, they came across a shocking fact that around 700 kgs of plastic waste was produced every year by the organization through their experimental kits which were mostly made of plastic.

“This huge amount of plastic waste contributes to a high carbon-dioxide emission. That is when we were motivated to look for alternatives as soon as possible.” Said Adwaita Desai, the company’s R&D said in an interview with Logical Indian.

To cut down on plastic the organization is introducing apparatuses made from materials that can easily be recycled and reused. For example, paper cups have replaced plastic cups and paper and cloth bags are used instead of plastic bags.


Not just that with every package the students advised about the benefits of going plastic free in their everyday lives, helping them turn environmentally conscious too. “If a child sees a plastic bag being replaced by a cloth bag in his experiment, it will naturally kindle his or her curiosity. When the reason is explained in detail, it triggers the sense of awareness in the child. So much so, that apart from rejecting plastic themselves, they are also influencing their elders to opt for a greener lifestyle,” said Adwaita.

Over the last three years, LIFE Labs has reached out to over 76 schools comprising 36,500 children across three States.  So far they have witnessed positive changes in both students and teacher temperaments. Soon, they hope to take LIFE Lab to every State in India and work with 1,000 schools directly.

It has been a growing treand that more and more companies are taking that extra step toward a better and greener environment. We hope this trend to get more and more takers and we not only leave behind a truly educated society but also environmental friendly generation too. 

Picture Source: One Billion Minds;; The Hindu; Mid-day; Better India


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