Neelam Gaikwad: The Woman Whose Prompt Actions Saved 15 Innocent Lives

It is evident that whenever an emergency has come, people have shown great courage and compassion towards each other. Multiple lives are saved only because of the one who shows valor.  When a canal breach happened in Pune, everyone was scared and everyone panicked because no there was no one to help them but then she came like a guardian angel to escort the people to safety.

The day was fine until…

Like every other day constable Neelam Gaikwad (28) reported at Dattawadi police station chowky on September 27, 2018 and got busy with her daily routine of registering FIRs. In the middle of it, she received a call from her senior to assess the situation at Janta Vasahat. She immediately reached there and found that a large area was hit by flood due to breach in the Mutha canal’s wall. She had two choices, either to call for backup, wait for it while people struggled with their lives or to take action and save lives. She chose the second one.


When I reached, I found people flailing in the water that was swelling fast. There was nobody to rescue them. I handed my purse and mobile phone to a stranger and got ready to wade in,”says Neelam.

Women in action

The water level was rising and there was nobody to help them, so without wasting more time, she got into action. She started by saving a man. With the help of ropes and a tyre she pulled him out of danger. But many more were still under threat. People panicked as they were unable to find their family members. She acted smartly and pulled the women out by holding hands together. Simultaneously she carried the children on her back because the water level crossed their heads. Her brave and selfless act saved 15 lives. 


The women and children were scattered and in their panic, family members could not find each other. The water was up to my stomach. I led the women out holding their hands and the children I took piggyback as the water had gone above their heads,” says Neelam.

15 lives saved, many more hearts won

15 people and their families are highly grateful to her for her life saving act. If she would not have shown such courage, many families would have mourned. Her compassion was the driving force behind her courage. Her department is also very proud of her and considers her an ideal cop. Her senior officer Devidas Ghevare, senior police inspector at Dattawadi police station also informed that she is equally aggressive and strict when it comes to dealing with criminals. She is a perfect example of a women in uniform having courage, dutifulness and compassion altogether. We need more cops like her on the field because with an integrity so high, no one will ever feel unsafe in any situation.

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