80 People In a Hanging Bus Were Saved & It Was No Less Than A Miracle

Hilly areas are one of the most exquisite locations to visit during holidays due to the glorifying beauty of nature it holds. It attracts a large number of tourists every year. There are several public transportation facilities that carry passengers through the roads built around the hills to their dream destination. But these roads have a certain banking capacity, which when exceeded results in skid-in and skid-out effect causing severe accidents. In Tamil Nadu, one such accident was about to happen which would have cost 80 lives. But there came an intervention at the perfect moment. 

The journey turned into nightmare

When Tamil Nadu State Transport (TNSTC) bus was carrying over 80 passengers in Idukki, no one had the idea what they were about to encounter. As the bus drove up hill, somehow the driver lost control over the bus. Everyone panicked as there was no way they could have survived such a fall. The bus began to slide towards a deadly narrow gorge through steep sides. There was no way to control the bus but to see it fall. When everyone thought they'll lose their lives, a miraculous intervention happened.


The miraculous intervention

Fortunately when it happened, Kapil, an excavator operator working in his regular shift nearby saw the whole incident. Without wasting any moment he started driving towards the bus. Kapil being experienced with hilly terrain, managed to reach the bus at the right moment and using the front handle of excavator, blocked the way for the bus and stopped it from falling. But everyone needed to get out of the bus too. He held the bus long enough to let everyone out and then pulled the bus back on the road, thereby saving 80 innocent lives.


80 lives saved, million more thanked

It takes a hell lot of courage and intelligence to pull off what Kapil did in a few moments. The passengers were left in tears with his act and were thankful to him for their lives. The drivers should be more careful while driving through such terrains because it’s not just them, the passengers are also relying on them to reach their destination safely.Moreover, the government should pay more attention towards roads in such areas where the transportation is risky because their ignorance leads to numerous innocent deaths and many families also suffer the pain.


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