Came Back From London, Now This Matka Man Serves Cool Water To Everyone

It is no secret that drastic temperature changes in the climate are making summers hotter year by year. In the NCR area, it gets tough for commuters to even step out of their house during the day due to the scorching heat. Adding to this is the problem of water scarcity. The hundreds of civic workers, street vendors, rickshaw pullers etc. cannot afford to buy water several times a day. This problem has been spotted by a 69-year-old person and he has started the most noble task one can ever think of.

We are taught that we should always offer water, even to our enemies. Delhi-based Alagarathanam Natarajan has taken the saying to the next level. He is now officially known as the Matka Man of Delhi. He has planted 70 matkas across the city and every morning, he goes around in his van to fill these matkas just so that people get cold drinking water whenever they want.  

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Quenching more than just thirst

For Natarajan, today’s society is an ‘interconnected community that has lost its social purpose.’ His idea is to start a revolution in ‘human kindness’. It is truly a one-of-its-kind, selfless approach taken by the Matka Man. 

The idea began in 2014 when Natarajan realised that something as basic as cold water is also not available to the common people. He put a water cooler outside his house. Security guards from other societies would also come to get water from his cooler because they were not provided with water. This instance triggered the old man and he decided to contribute to the society. 

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"I am not backed by an NGO, nor am I a government-sponsored organisation. I am mostly self-funded through my pension and life savings. I do get a few donations and, most importantly, lots of help and support from my family," said the Matka Man, according to Economic Times. 

To make distribution easier, he has customised a van by fitting it with a 800 litre tank, a pump and a generator to run it. He fills the matkas daily from the van. In summer, he has to sometimes do 4 rounds a day since the matkas need 2000 litres a day in these months. He gets the water supply from a home and a couple of other friends whom he describes as ‘noble souls’. He also maintains his own stands with his personal telephone number so that people can tell him when the matka gets empty. Taking things forward, he has also installed a bench for people to sit and take rest. 

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All about the Matka Man

Natarajan was brought up in Bengaluru and he later moved to London where he ran his own business for 40 years. He got diagnosed with intestinal cancer and after his treatment, he decided to return to India. His battle with cancer brought out a social revolution inside him and he started contributing to the life of the less privileged. He volunteered at a last-stage cancel hospice, served langar and carried out cremation rituals. 

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Today, Natarajan has become quite famous but that was and still never is his reason for working. He just wants to contribute to the society. He urges people to place matkas outside their home so that he can fill those as well. He also has an assistant now to help him. 

“Every one of us has something to give and share with society. Unfortunately, today we live in a culture where we, as a society, have become greedier and more self-indulgent,” he said, according to Economic Times. 

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