Mighty Sun To Now Power NIT Goa's Green Campus

In the era of rapid development of energy resources, we focused on the non-renewable ones so much that we forgot what we can achieve with the renewable ones. The non renewable ones were causing pollution and intoxicating the surroundings. So recently, NIT Goa made a move that will not only reduce the pollution but also make it the first technical institute to operate purely on clean energy.

The go-green drive

The glimpse of present environmental scenario was enough to give NIT Goa a reason to initiate the construction of a whole new campus at Cuncolim. The thought of a new campus was not new as it has been working in a temporary campus at Farmagudi. But the new campus at Cuncolim holds a revolutionary concept. Although some of the colleges went partly solar powered previously but NIT Goa is advancing to the next level by going green completely. The construction is just the first phase of its permanent campus.


A walk through the campus

NIT Goa received funding worth 497 crore from the Union human resource development (HRD) ministry for construction. The construction is believed to begin in October 2018 is believed to go fully functional in a couple of years. Pre-fabricated RCC blocks will be used in the construction work to catalyze the process which will ensure that no pillars will be required to support the structure. The construction cost through the Goa PWD is estimated to be 10 crore.

The blocks can be spray painted immediately after installation. This sheer wall technique of construction also requires less maintenance. The decision was taken keeping in mind Goa’s weather and the lack of provisions for long-term maintenance,” says Gopal Mugeraya, director, NIT Goa.


The deeper insight

To power a campus so big, 12 acres of land has been allotted to set up solar energy plant, which is estimated to generate nearly six megawatts of power. This amount of energy is sufficient to meet the demands of the campus. Also, 100 indigenous trees will be planted prior to the construction so that they mature by the time campus becomes operational.

When excess power is generated, we will give it to the local grid and in exchange, when required, we can take power from the local grid,” elaborated Gopal Mugeraya.

This is a very big step by NIT Goa which will inspire many more institutes to go green. It might seem a bit difficult at once but once established, the harnessed energy will be pure and clean, thereby, ensuring that no harm is done to the environment and in the long run, will be cost effective too.

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