Leaving Behind Illustrious Career Mumbai Woman Is Now Transforming Hundreds Of Lives Every Year

Mathematics of life has its own wonderful ways of working. It might not always seem logical but if you take a step back and see the whole picture it does make perfect sense. Today, our spotlight falls on someone who is quietly bringing about much-needed difference in those sections of the society which get least resources to heft the most heavy burdens.

It would be apt to say that life has been fairly hospitable to 54-year-old Nivedita Desai. She got a loving childhood, good education, a nurturing environment, interesting job and what not. But this woman remembered to acknowledge that not everybody around her gets an opportunity.

Twist before 50


At the age of 49, after gaining over two decades of experience and reaching high up on the career ladder, Nivedita quit her career in flavours and scents industry to do something most people admire only from a distance, founding a charitable trust.

"As a family we were always inclined toward doing our bit for the society but the idea to do this as a full-time activity came from my husband. My family and I pooled in money and started operations under Animedh Charitable Trust (ACT) in 2013," Nivedita told KenFolios in an interview.

The best way to find solution to a problem is to ask the suffering, something that Nivedita has been doing to create a punchy impact. Her team asks women living in slums as to what and how can their life be different and often their suggestions work the best. "Unko jo suit karta hai hum waisi training provide karwate hain," says Nivedita whose organization facilitates tailoring classes, beauty parlor courses, spoken English tuitions, catering training among many others.

Comprehensive approach

ACT promotes college students to act for the society by volunteering to take remedial classes for children living in slums, low-income pockets and orphanages under their programme StudyBuddy. Weekly one hour training for women is also provided to improve their softskills, ability to manage finances etc.


Animedh has positively impacted over 2,500 children and 1,500 women in Mumbai, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Gujarat with the help of over 150 volunteers.

It is common for girls from low-income families to quit education for STD 10 despite free education schemes. This problem is more complex than it may appear to be. To achieve overall success, ACT ties up with that provide counselling and allied services to the beneficiaries.

"More often we only look at economic empowerment of marginalized communities but in reality there are many other problems that hold them back."

Hundreds like Shraddha

Teenager Shraddha's was nurturing a dream in an environment that did not support her. She was good at sports and wanted to make a career in it. However, her ambitions were shattered when her mother almost withdrew her from all sports activities because of her falling grades at school. Nothing should come between a child and their dream so ACT intervened and took matter in its hand. Their remedial classes have not only resulted in Shradhha's improved grades but have also brought her close to the basketball court.

"There are so many beneficiaries beaming with pride, feeling empowered because ACT would provide them with the most suited assistance. We believe in smart work," says Nivedita, Managing Trustee of ACT.

In 2017, Animedh did another interesting project for adivasi community of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Most parents here worked as labors and did not have the ability to help their children with studies. To bring an amount of comfort among the children and increase relatibility, ACT hired teachers from the same community and offered students help with their lessons. This unique programme was a major success and around 350 students were benefitted from it.

ACT believes that empowered women can be the backbone of widescale impact and can bring about change in the society.

It is only because of Nivedita's leadership, ACT team's hardwork, and unending support from numerous volunteers that thousands of people have been benefitted. It is heartwarming to see that there are people who have dedicated their lives to protect and nourish dreams of someone whom they don't even know at first, but end up forming a close bond.

There are hundreds of ways to act with ACT. Donate here and do your bit.

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