Auto Driver’s Daughter Bags Gold At Global Boxing Championship

Succeeding in life with conventional career choices, proper financial support and support from people around you is easy. But take one of these factors out of the equation and even the easiest of tasks starts becoming a nightmare. But what about those people who have none of the above stated factors, yet they make their mark in history and don’t cry about what they don’t have?

Such is the story of 16-year-old Sandeep Kaur, who recently bagged the gold medal at the 13th International Silesian Boxing Championship in the 52kg category held in Poland.

Combating Finance and Naysayers

Born into a poor family in Patiala's Hassanpur village, Sandeep fought through the financial shortcomings of her family long before fighting her opponents in the ring. Her father earns just enough by driving an auto to provide the daily bread and butter for his family.

I was during her early childhood that Sandeep was inspired to pursue boxing by her uncle Simranjit Singh, who is an ex-boxer at the village academy.

"I used to go with my uncle to a boxing academy near our village when I was a child. At the academy, I saw several youngsters box, and gradually my interest in the sport grew. I was eight when I first picked up the boxing gloves and started training," Sandeep told Times Of India.  

But because of their financial conditions, she was forced by her family members and fellow villagers to give up the sport and contribute to the family’s income by taking up a job. While everyone joined the bandwagon to end her boxing aspirations, Sandeep's father however remained unmoved and worked even harder to ensure that his daughter didn't have to give up her dream sport.

jffxwqqa9ezdtki5d7khnnxvk3xbk3iz.jpgImage Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

This decision, again, drew flak from all corners. While her relatives were convinced that she'd fail and achieve nothing, Sandeep's fellow villagers persistently slammed her family for allowing a girl to pursue a “man's sport”. Despite all the resistance faced, her family, especially her father, stood by her side and motivated the young girl to dream even bigger than before.

Proving Her Potential

Sandeep’s chance to answer back to her naysayers finally came in the form of the 13th International Silesian Boxing Championship for Women held in Gliwice region of Poland. The event lasted from 9th to 15th of September and Sandeep knew that she wouldn’t get an opportunity as big as this in a long time to feed her haters a humble pie. 

Under the guidance of her coach Sunil Kumar, Sandeep eventually she did what many expected her not to accomplish. In the 52 kg category (junior section), she decimated the home favourite Karolina Ampuska with a barrage of punches to eventually secure a 5-0 win in the summit clash and win gold for her country.

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With this result, she not only defeated her opponent but also annihilated all those misanthropes who tried to bend and break her morale ever since she took up boxing as a sport. Sandeep is the perfect embodiment of what perseverance and hard work can achieve for a person. 

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