Mind-Blowing: This Unique Start-Up Converts Your Workout Into Funds For Needy

Traditionally in India, business operations are far away from being aligned with social good. Up until now, firms would keep entire focus on their product/services and flush down small portion of funds toward societal benefit (only because of mandatory CSR). But the current wave of social entrepreneurs is changing that. Now smart ideas are built around social welfare and money does find a way making social entrepreneurship all the more attractive.

The app is a revolutionary app that connects your philanthropist side with the fitness freak within you. This app encourages you to go for walks or runs and your activity will contribute toward various fundraising projects. "We were researching ways to use tech on crowdfunding models of giving back to society. And we ended up loving the idea of tech to crowd-sweat and corporate funding instead," says Ishan in an interview with KenFolios.


Starting a fire 

The idea found its seeds in two friends Ishan Nadkarni and Nikhil Khandelwal two years back when Nikhil lured Ishan with money if he went out to jog, as a challenge. They were already working on a crowdsourcing project that integrated technology with societal good. They were excited to weave their idea around a fitness activity and decided to venture further into that path.

The two started this project and were soon joined by three others. They launched their app in August, 2016. Currently, they have a more dedicated and diverse team consisting of 12 people who are looking after different business aspects. They now have over 50,000 users and have raised over ₹ 2.8 crore for various causes.


How it works

After downloading and installation, the app asks user to choose one from many fundraising projects. After choosing a cause, when the user goes for a walk or jog or run, the app traces the distance covered and contributes to a bar of progress. Upon completion, a certain amount of money gets transferred to NGOs that are working on that particular cause. The money comes from various companies as a fund towards corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The CSR law was made mandatory to every big corporation in India by the government in 2013. Under this act, every company that had a net worth of over ₹500 crore or a turnover of over ₹1,000 crore or a net profit of ₹5 crore had to spend at least 2 percent of its average net profit for community welfare.The Impact team makes use of this law and helps the companies with this legal responsibility.


Spreading the influence

The team, having spent very little on marketing the app, believes that it has its own way to become popular among people. Apart from charity as a motivation, the app also features a leaderboard that gives users a competitive feel. Furthermore, the team also works with marathon organizers to spread the word around.They even host events for employees for companies that are willing to pay for the cause.

An idea that began with two friends and a fun challenge now has user bases in USA, Canada, Middle East and China. The platform gives people a never before opportunity to be physically active and simultaneously do good for the community. Many people want to contribute toward a larger cause either they don’t have money or the time. Impact could be a great utility for them.


Fast as a train

Things do not always go the way they are supposed to and it is the same with them. Although they reach the goals on their causes pretty fast, sometimes it does take time. In such cases, they encourage more and more users to finish the goal as soon as possible so that the NGOs can get paid in time.

I dream of a time when our user base becomes so active and engaged and so big that we start covering causes week on week so that it runs like a superfast engine,” says Ishan in an interview with KenFolios as he describes his idea of a personal milestone. Hopefully, it isn’t long before the Impact team sees their goals fulfilled and more and more people start benefitting from this, either by running and staying healthy or receiving funds to do better for the society.

If you liked the concept and want to do your share of good for the society, download the app now:



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