He Returned Only To Save A Teeanage Girl From Committing Suicide Again

In today’s pacing era, the world might have become smaller but people are getting away from each other as they are just too busy with their lives. Everybody has their own problem to deal with and in this rush we forget to stop and smile at each other let alone helping a complete stranger. In one such fast moving city Mumbai, this man displayed a great zeal of humanity and compassion that made him a hero. What he did overnight, read next to  find out.

His eagle eyes detected the situation

It was 08:30 pm, while returning home on September 17, 2018, Syed Nasser Hussain saw a young girl walking on the Vashi bridge bare footed. He sensed something was not right because a couple of years ago  he had saved two girls from jumping off the bridge in an  attempt to commit suicide. He had a déjà vu which compelled him to act immediately. Just when he was stopping his bike, the girl climbed the railing and was about to leap into the creek of death. 


It was only a matter of seconds

Seeing this, Syed Nasser dropped his bike and sprinted to the disheartened girl and grabbed her before she could jump. Finally after an hour of counselling, the young girl told revealed that she was heartbroken. Then Syed Nasser asked her for address which she refused to tell but after a little persuasion, she gave it. He then dropped her to her house but no one was there. After asking the neighbors he found out that his parents were at the hospital because her mother was ill, but they had left keys for her. After the girl finally got into her house, he left for his home.


But it wasn’t over yet.

On his way back, it crossed his mind that the girl was alone and she might try to harm herself again. He took a U-turn and reached her house again. He found that the girl had licked herself into the room and wasn’t responding to the neighbors. With a little help from the neighbors, he broke into the house where he found her hanging from the ceiling. He immediately brought her down, untied her and with some effort, revived her. Later she was taken to Shatabdi Hospital and later referred to Sion Hospital where she was declared out of danger. The father of that young girl thanked him for his life saving response, to which he advised his father to be supportive in every aspect of her life.


I have had long conversations with her dad. She needs to be taken care of. I have told him he must support her to complete her education. She must grow into a confident woman who does not see unfaithfulness of a man as the end of the world,” he said.

According to Syed Nasser these suicidal incidents aren’t new in Vashi. The street lights don’t work there and hence there’s darkness all round which give room to such incidents. But first of all, one must not be quite about the pain they are going through. They must ask for help and talk about it because one might have a reason to give up but also have thousands of reasons not to give up. Because of a man’s compassion, a life was saved and have a better chance to bloom in the future.

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