Youth Of Kashmir On The Rightful Path Of Islam Spreading Humanity

For Muslims all across the nation, September 21, 2018, was the day of mourning. It was Moharram, the festival of sorrow which is celebrated to pay respect to Imam Hussain and his family, the martyrs of battle of Karbala. Imam was also the grandson of Prophet Mohammad and third Imam in Shia Islam. The whole community mourns and do self-flagellation to show sympathy and respect towards these martyrs. While everyone was busy shedding blood, a group of youth from Kashmir added more value to this festival by doing a pious job that changed the way people perceive Muharram.

They brought the difference

Instead of joining the crowd for self-flagellation, Youth Forum of village Dab, in Kashmir organised a voluntary blood donation camp during Muharram in Imam Bargah Sadat to discourage the practice of self-flagellation that dishonors the image of Muslims in the society.


We appreciate the change in youth. The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, has clearly outlined that self-flagellation is haram or banned in Islam,” says Syed Karar Hashmi, a social activist and prolific writer.

The dark side of Muharram

Every year during Muharram, it’s not just the people who get hurt, but in many cases it also leads to chaos which results in huge collateral damage. Previous year in Vadodara, three people got severely injured and nearly a dozen people were detained in Kanpur for making chaos.

Not only it isn’t an act of mourning, but it also spoils the image of mourning. Khamnaie also stresses that all followers of Islam should obey the order, and avoid such moves that harm the Ahlul Bayt’s school of thought,” says Syed Karar.


A step ahead for change

The blood donation camp was a huge perspective changer. This day long camp attracted Youth volunteers from different areas of Ganderbal and donors of the District. The camp was under the supervision of Additional Deputy Commissioner, Ganderbal SHO, Shadipora, and Auquaf President, Syed Nazir Rizvi. 50 points of blood was collected in this one day camp which will be life saving for someone.

The youth of the nation is getting more and more active towards social causes and also spreading the message that one should not follow the traditions blindly. One should know the consequences of their actions and must not do any such practice that can cause self harm or disturb the peace of community. The youth is now ready to organize more such moves ahead for the greater good of humanity.#

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