Suffered From Dengue In July, Ran Like Wind In September

Ultra Run Championship, a rigorous 100 km racing tournament is one of the most exhaustive events on the planet. While most of the competitors were male, for this middle aged business woman from Kolkata, it was a moment of proud and joy when she learnt about her selection in the Ultra Run Championship. She immediately started to train but only about a week later, she was diagnosed with dengue and got bed ridden. As the days were passing by she was feeling helpless and got weak day by day. In such a medical state there was no way she would have been able to do it. But miracles happens as they say. One happened with her too.

The moment she got the news

It was July 22, 2018, when Anjali Saraogi, a business women as well as an athlete came to know about her selection in the World Ultra Run Championship on September 8, 2018. Filled with joy and motivation, she began her training immediately. She was highly enthusiastic about the event but only after a week, when she woke up on July 30, 2018, her body was burning hot at 104 degree Fahrenheit. She thought it was simple fever but situation was about to get worse.


I learnt about my selection for the September 8 event in the third week of July. Thereafter, I began training. But on the eighth day, on July 30, I woke up with 104°F fever,”, says Anjali.

The diagnosis showed the truth

What she thought to be mere fever, turned out to be dengue after proper diagnosis at a hospital. She was immediately admitted and couldn’t train any more. It was not going away anytime soon.

I tested positive for dengue and got admitted to a hospital. I received platelet transfusion. At the time, running at the ultra-race seemed out of question. I felt weak and recuperated for most of August,” recalls Anjali.

She recovered but...

Being an athlete who competed half-marathon, full-marathon and comrades marathon, she waited a long time to for the Ultra Run. Although she was discharged from the hospital, but was still not strong enough to cover 100 km distance. Everyone from her family was against her training. She was left with two choices, either to let go or chase the dream she always saw for her. 


I told myself I will not let the opportunity go. After the hospitalization, I was prepared to drop out if I felt ill. That is what I promised to my husband who supported me although the rest of the family was dead against it,” says Anjali.

She ran like the wind

Finally with the support of her husband, she got back to her training and too one step at a time. Ultimately she was ready to take over the Ultra Run Championship. On the big day, she pulled it off with grace and finished the distance of 100 km in 9 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds.


I didn’t tell them about my participation and ultimately completed the race in 9 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds,” says Anjali.

It was due to her hard work and ‘never ever give up’ attitude that brought her all the glory. She performed really well and made the whole nation proud. She is still confident that she can complete the race in less than nine hours and has even vowed to do it if she participates in the next run. 

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