Skater-Cum-Businessman Launches 6,000 Km Expedition, Aims To Raise Rs 9 Cr

Between juggling the many responsibilities of adulthood and building a secure future, we often end up erasing the line of balance. People believe it’s not possible to accomplish two goals at the same time because balance for them is a long lost virtue. But if you could be doing something great for yourself while doing something great for other is what the idle, isn’t that everything the world needs? 

Meet Rana Uppalapati, a 37-year-old businessman hailing from who is hosting a skating expedition to donate for the noble cause of educating girl child. The “born optimistic” started his expedition of 6,000 km that will be covering the golden triangle while touching Golden Quadrilateral and 20 major cities in 90 days. He aims to raise Rs nine crore in order to secure the education of more than 25,000 girls. “I am not a professional skater. The first 800km have taught me a lot. The Bangalore-Pune route is tricky. While climbing the ghats, I could skate at 10km per hour, but coming down the slope was much faster — 60km per hour,” he told TOI.



Rana started his expedition from Housar has covered 800 kilometers in ten days and reached on 16th September after completing the circuit. When he was asked about his passion for skating, his reply depicted not only his but the present day scenario of thousands of sports enthusiasts who are in the shadowed profession of the cyclist. “We wanted to grab attention. People don’t pay attention to a cyclist or walker anymore,” said Rana. 

Supported by (Educate To Carry Her Onwards), Titan’s corporate social responsibility programme, Rana has raised funds to educate 2,500 girls from his expedition so far. “If a girl is educated, an entire generation gets educated. Lack of education is not only a hindrance career-wise. If a girl is not educated, she will not learn about health issues, hygiene, reproduction cycle etc,” he said when asked about his motivation for this particular cause. 

He has not only taken up the initiative to raise capital for the girl child education but is also preparing them to take up their own passions out in the real world and fight for them. In order to educate them, he’s screening videos on subjects like “good and bad touch” to help them identify the flaws of human society. The purpose of taking up this social responsibility is a selfless act of humanity that is not only helping the girls but also inspiring a future generation to develop greater values about their work. 

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