Policeman No less Than Spider-Man, Prevents Suicide

In India mental health is somewhat neglected by the society but it is major cause of a person’s agony. In many cases it even leads to the person committing suicide which is perhaps most disheartening. A youth with compromised mental health was on the verge of committing suicide  but thanks to the savior who arrived just on time and risked his own life and pulled him back from death’s door.

It was like every other day

Like every other day, Traffic Policeman Jawan Chandra Prakash reported at 07:00 AM for duty at Shastri Chowk, Pune. Everything seemed normal until a young man caught his attention. He was trying to hang himself from Raipur’s skywalk. Alarmed by the situation, Chandra Prakash rushed to the scene and informed the control room but help couldn’t arrive. He was right below the skywalk and had very little time to make it to the young man. He had a choice, either to turn his back like everyone else or save the innocent.


The split second decision

Without wasting time, he arranged a ladder and somehow reached the bottom part of the skywalk. Because ladder wasn't long enough to reach the top, he risked his life by climbing the bridge without any safety or support. Finally he made it to the top and saved him from committing suicide. Later the young man was found to be in a bad mental health condition. He had come all the way from Narayanpur to get training for home guard.


Every act of valor needs to be honored

The footage shot by the crowd went viral and the IG of Raipur announced a reward for his valorous act. He showed what it truly means to be serving the nation. He didn’t just save one life but also saves the man’s family from grief and pain.

This also reminds us that there is a need to be aware of mental health and break the stereotypes about it. It has become very common now a days and 1,35,000 Indians commit suicide every year due to mental distress. So, an awareness need to be created among the youth that no problem is worth giving up of life.

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