Asian Games Super Sprinter Again In News But This Time For Her Music

With her excellent performance at the Asian Games 2018, she broke the 14 year old world record  in 400 meter race and made the whole nation proud. She also became an inspiration for millions of people. But what she was filmed doing recently, will leave you spellbound. 

Hima Das, the sprinter from Assam was named as Dhing express after her performance in the Asian Games 2018 where she showed her skills and perseverance. At the age of 18 she smashed the national record in 400 metres with a timing of 50.79 seconds. For her great display of zeal and skills she was named, the Sports ambassador of Assam. 


After she returned to her home post, she was seen doing something that no one could have ever believed if it wasn’t filmed. The new track and field sensation was seen playing traditional folk instruments at her house in Kandhulimari near Dhing, Assam. While everybody sang the traditional folk songs of Assam, the sprinter beat the Nagada (traditional drums) in perfect sync with the mood. This was something that was unexpected as no one ever knew she had these skills as well. Later she also played a hand held instrument taal, that made the ambiance rich with culture, tradition and music.  


This showed how she is still deeply connected to her origin. Although she is a sports sensation for the rest of the world but at home she is still the same old Hima. Her humble act made her even more lovable and inspirational. It is because of acts like these, the tradition and culture are still alive. Our country is diverse and has various cultures and traditions. Our job is to protect them as they truly define our origin and set of values. It keeps us connected to our nation as well. She also reminds us that a person’s feet must be planted in their own country but their eyes should survey the world.

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