Mathura Policeman, That Restored Faith In Humanity

What does it take to be a hero? It’s  not a long term process but is that one moment and one valorous decision that makes you a legend. Bhavna and her husband Mahesh were returning from Hathrus to Faridabad when Bhavna was pregnant and her due period was over. She started to feel labor pain and struggled to walk. Because they were new to the place, there wasn’t any acquaintance they could call upon. But then someone showed up and saved the day for this couple.

While others watched, he acted

Once Bhavna developed labour pain, there was no way it could have been delayed. There was only one way for her to be relieved and that was to reach the nearest hospital. The couple was in great agony as they didn’t know anyone in Mathura. She was stumbling while she walked inside crowded Mathura station. While many people just watched, a Samaritan offered them a helping hand. Sonu Kumar Rajora (36), a GRP official spotted her in the crowd and reached out to her promptly. What he did next for this couple revived them from agony.


We got down at the Mathura cantonment station. We were new to the city and requested many people for help but no one came forward,” says Mahesh.

A simple act of kindness

He immediately called 108 for an ambulance but it failed to reach. Again he dialed 102 for help, but it failed to send support. Finally, he managed to arrange an auto rickshaw and helped this couple reach a district hospital. When they reached there, doctors asked them to immediately rush to the women’s facility which was located somewhere around 100 meters way from there. The hospital failed to provide structure for her. All odds were playing against the situation. Every passing minute possessed a threat on lives of both mother and child. Sonu responded quickly and carried her in his arms and reached the women’s facility.


It was my duty to help another person. I called 108 and 102 services but no ambulance was available. The couple was new to the place and did not know their way around,” says Sonu.

He did beat all odds

Bhavna was finally in good hands and after undergoing excruciating pain, she gave birth to a beautiful boy. As soon as Bhavna’s safety was ensured, he immediately returned to his duty. 

We cannot express our happiness at the birth of the boy. It was only possible because of the help that Rajora offered us. I could not even thank Rajora properly since he left immediately after ensuring that Bhavna was safe in the hands of the doctors,” says Mahesh.

Because of his noble act, a child saw the light of life but at the same time this incident also showed the loopholes in the government services like ambulance service of 108 and 102. The government needs to be a little more responsive and efficient while implementing infrastructure of medical services because when someone’s life is  at stake, every minute counts.

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