Dakshana: Which Reformed Lives Of Thousands Of Students By Its Novel Approach

There are millions of students in India who aspire to get education from top institutes like IITs, NITs and many other reputed colleges. While many can afford to get into them by doing preparation from professional coaching centers, some can’t. These students suffer due to poor financial condition but have a spark that requires necessary fuel to turn them into blazing fire. So a few years ago, collaborative effort of a couple from Pune proved to be a catalyst for these students.

The origin

In 2005, Mohnish Parbrai and his wife Harina Kapoor embarked on a journey to reform lives in a very novel way. Together they started Dakshana foundation, to help many students achieve what they deserve. Dakshana was fully functional by the year 2007 with half a million dollar in cash and investments from other sources. The goal was to make education an easily accessible resource to those who have talent but struggle due to financial or any other reasons.  Dakshana worked in collaboration with Jawahar Navodaya, to procure their goals. 


"Dakshana started with a general idea of what we wanted to focus on and approximately 3 lakhs in cash and investments to help us achieve our goal,” says Mohnish.

The journey says it all

The gifted students were selected from government schools and their coaching was funded by Dakshna for whichever examination they intended to prepare for. Dakshana arranged coaching for them from various institutions. 

We ended the year with 291 amazing Dakshana Scholars located in seven states across India, in 2007," says Mohnish.

By 2015, Dakshana collaborated with state governments to provide one-year scholarship after class 12 to deserving candidates in government schools. Not just education but Dakshana also provided free food and accommodation to the scholars. Any other financial aid like loan, scholarships, were taken care of by its partners Napate Foundation, Literacy India and FFE.


Access to quality healthcare, education, housing, and opportunities are all virtually impossible for impoverished families. Poverty alleviation represents a silver bullet – one shot clears a multitude of problems," explains Mohnish.

Thousand smiles of Dakshana

Since its inception, Dakshana has sponsored 4395 scholars till now including 1238 IITians, 680 NITians and 154 got into medical colleges and many more into prestigious engineering colleges. Dakshana is working as we talk about it and is helping someone build their future. Such foundations help in making the world a better place to live. The number of lives it has reformed is just the beginning of the count, it still has countless lives to reform.

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