Threw Burning Cylinder In Water With Bare Hands, Kudos To This Jhansi Supercop

Many a times we have seen people in movies that pulling off superhuman stunts like putting off blazing fire single handedly and wondered if someone could actually do it. When a man in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh was making tea, his cylinder caught fire all of a sudden and started to blaze, making it life threatening. As soon as nearby people were alarmed of the situation they immediately informed the police. What happened next was something really superhuman and was only heard in legends.

The prompt response by police

The Mauranipur city Police Inspector Premchandra arrived just in time with his team but the cylinder was high on flame and could have exploded any moment. Many lives were at risk and there were chances of collateral damage in the neighborhood. The time was running out so Premchandra decided not to waste any moment and jumped  in to save  the lives of all the people there. What he tried to do next would have costed him his life but still he chose to do it and became a hero.


That one heroic moment

Premchandra pulled the cylinder out of the house with the help of ropes and drenched the burning cylinder with wet blanket and then threw it into the nearby river with his bare hands. His prompt action prevented any severe damage from happening. He later informed that he was in a meeting when he got this information which he left immediately and took a blanket with him as well considering it a fire incident.


This hero wasn't wearing a cape but had stars on his shoulders.The prompt response from this Jhandi Policeman saved the day and no harm was caused to the man or anyone in the neighborhood. The people are very much thankful to him for his life saving act. Not only he saved lives but also set an example by his exceptional display of valor as a policeman. Such hard working policeman are the heroes who have our backs always no matter how challenging the situation gets.

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