When Senior In Office Gifted Her Kidney To Ailing Junior

When this IT professional struggled due to her poor kidney condition, her happy going life paused for a while because she had to go through dialysis but this couldn't be carried for long and she needed to go for a transplant. When her senior at work got to know about it, she did something that will leave you in tears of joy.

The days of sorrow

When Marshneil Sinha (in her 30's), an IT professional at ITC Infotech in Bangalore suffered contraction in her kidneys, it became difficult for her to continue her work. She left her office and worked from her home in Bokaro, Jharkhand. Her parents tried to donate their kidney but because they suffered from some health issues, they couldn’t donate their kidneys. Even her elder sister was not advised to donate her kidney as she was about to get married. Her situation worsened with time and without a transplant there was a risk on her life. The family even appealed for donation via advertisement but all in vein.

Ray of hope

Diti Lahiri (40), project coordinator at ITC Infotech in Bangalore was Marshneil’ senior. When she came to know about her condition, she followed her case closely and asked urologist Shibaji Basu to evaluate them. Diti’s family was associated with him for years. Shibaji confirmed that she needed a transplant immediately. When Diti came to know about this, she did something that proved love is beyond about all ties, even ties of blood. She resolved to take Marshneil out of her agony by donating one of her kidneys.


I made up my mind to donate one of my kidneys because my mother has been living a healthy life on one kidney for years now. She is more active than most of us. I am single and that perhaps made it easier for me. My parents were surprised initially, but finally got around to support me,” says Diti.

Even goodness faced obstacles

Although she made up her mind but she had to go through a series of legal procedures to get a no objection certificate by the government. It took nine long months to process all the affidavits at the Alipore police court and disposal before first class magistrates to affirm that she was donating out of goodwill only and that there was no exchange involved. During this, Diti also went through some medical examinations to ensure that her kidney will  be helpful for Marshneil along with video interviews at Swasthya Bhaban.

Her goodwill prevailed


Finally she got a no objection certificate from the government and on September 3, 2018, Marshneil was operated at Fortis in Kolkata. She is out of danger now and is responding positively after treatment. She will be discharged soon and will be able to resume her life with the same charisma as she did before. Diti’s compassion showed that it’s not important to be tied by blood, it is only love that keeps a relation strong and ever blooming.  Her decision not just revived Marshneil but also brought back her family’s happiness.

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