55-Yr-Old UP Woman Shames Govt By Selling House To Get Road Repaired

What one can dream of at the age of 55? A self owned residence and a prospering family is all one can dream of. It is one of the most basic need that one wishes to get fulfilled. While she could have easily lived with her family overlooking everything, she chose to do something for public welfare in return for a small portion of her house that restored faith in humanity.

Walking the road of treacheries

Rajesh Devi (55) lived happily with her husband Omveer (60), their son Sudhir and three grand children in a single storey house in Dadopur Khatana at Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. The road in that area was in a horrific condition. Every day people suffered due to it and demanded its repair from district authority, but it went unheard. 


I am fed up with the local authorities and their policies. Most of their officials have a different attitude towards the rich and the poor,” says Rajesh.

One day when Rajesh was moving across the road, she lost her balance due to potholes and got her head injured. The agony of injury and ignorance of authorities made her intolerant about this situation.

We have been to various block meetings and written letters to raise the issue of the bad roads in the village, but only the stretches that lead to rich people’s houses get constructed or repaired,” said Rajesh in an interview with Times Of India.

She pulled off something authorities couldn't

She went to several block meeting and raised the matter of poor condition of roads but when her continued efforts seemed worthless, she decided to take the matter into her hands and without even a second thought, sold off a portion of her house to her nephew and raise a sum of 1,00,000 rupees for the repairing of road. Her son has been looking for a private contractor for paving a 250-meter-long concrete road in their locality.


Now, I have sold off a portion of my house to one of my nephews and raised Rs 1 lakh to build a concrete road so that no one else in the neighbourhood has to endure the pain I suffered,” says Rajesh.

Her contribution will be able to take away the pain of the local residents of the village. The authorities need to consider these issues without being biased due to someone’s social strata. Rajesh’s effort showed us that no matter what background we come from, it is our willingness and compassion for people that makes all the difference. In addition the locals have requested the authorities for proper drainage system for previously built roads which needs to be addressed fast. Rajesh's noble work will be remembered by the those who will walk that road towards the development of Dadopur Khatana.

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