3 Young Sailors Noticed Crowd And Were Shocked. Next Thing Is Just So Brave!

There is no denying that Mumbai is absolutely picturesque during monsoons. Tourists and residents alike throng to the beaches to capture the beauty and fury of nature, as the waves lash the coasts.

During this season people want nothing more than capture the “wave selfie” or sit on the promenade or tetra pods and enjoy the view. But it has time and again proved that such adventure are extremely dangerous and too many young lives have been lost while trifling with nature.

On September 9, 2018, a man fell in to the sea (reason not known) and was seen struggling to stay afloat. People gathered and watched helplessly as he struggled. Lucky for him, three young sailors of the Indian Navy, were passing through the spot and they noticed the crowd.  The trio: Akash (diver), Dhananjay Seaman (swimmer) and Vishwakarma (Marine Commando), promptly got into action. They immediately jumped into the water, swam out towards the drowning man and rescued the man who had fallen into the sea.

The man was unconscious when pulled out, CPR was immediately administered to the man which helped him regain consciousness. Finally, the victim was handed to the local police. Indian Navy spokesperson took to twitter and congratulated them over their selfless and prompt action.

After the Indian Navy's tweet, twitteraties thronged to congratulate the three young sailors for the courage and selflessness.

This is not the first time that this has happened. Recently, September 1st a woman named Deepika Parmar, was sitting on the rocks near Bandra’s Bandstand. She lost her balance when the waves hit the rock, and got dragged into the water. Thankfully, marshals deployed nearby quickly sprang into action and saved her in the nick of time.


Picture Source : Twitter Spokesperson Navy

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