Fisherman Who Bridged The Gap Between Life And Death In Kerala, Honored For His Courage

The catastrophe Kerala saw  shook it to the core. While many lost their lives, many others struggled for it. The suffering was endless during the flood but rescue teams made tremendous efforts that helped revive many lives. Many people came to volunteer as rescuers but the act of this fisherman won the hearts of people in a slightly different manner.

On his mission to rescue

Jaisal, a local fisherman from Kerala was volunteering in one of the rescue teams on a mission to escort people to safety. He saw elderly women and children struggling to get on the boat due to the pace of water. While other rescuers were trying to think other way out, he did something that not only saved them, but won thousands of hearts too.


They great move

Without wasting much time, he knelt down on all four limbs in knee deep water to become a stepping stone. The elderly women and children climbed on his back and made it safely to the boat. His bravery was appreciated by the ones who saw him serving there in the times of need. The footage shot there went viral over internet and everyone who saw this courageous act praised him and blessed him for his humane conduct. 

Honour comes to those who serve

Post apocalypse, Kerala government showed him gratitude for his life saving act. Eram Motors gifted him a brand new Marazzo from Mahindra Motors. The key of Marazzo was handed over to him by Kerala Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan on September 7, 2018.  This gift is a souvenir for his bravery and compassion he showed for the people.


The whole team of rescuers did a commendable job including the volunteers, NDRF members, Indian Navy, Army, fishermen and the local police during the rescue operations. If it were not for them, Kerala would have lost this battle to flood. They are the unsung heroes who worked day and night with very little or no resources at all just to make sure, people make it to safety. There are countless others whom Kerala is grateful to and by honouring one is the honour to their services as well because in the end, it was life on whose side they stood.

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