11-Yr-Old Boy Jumps In Brahmaputra Thrice, Saves 3 Life

Courage knows no religion, sex or age, you can find them in the most unlikely people. It stand out when it comes in form of a child as young as 11 years old. The story you are about to read is one of the most courageous stories you would have come across in the recent times.


On 5th September, an 11-year old boy saved three people – his mother, aunt and a stranger by jumping thrice in rough and swollen Brahmaputra. The boy is identified as Kamal Kishore Das, was travelling along with his family. They were returning after dropping off his grandmother and were on their way back to their home in North Guwahati.

Because of the choppy waters, motorized country boat overturned taking along its passengers. Kamal’s mother forced him to swim to his safety. However, after reaching the bank Kamal realized that his mother and aunt were still their struggling to stay afloat. He knew his mother didn’t know how to swim. Without a second thought, Kamal jumped into the river to save the ladies.

As there was chaos all around the accident site, he swam towards the spot and started looking for his mother. The currents were so strong, he could only grab her by the hair and then he reached for her hand and pulled her to the pillar and he did the same with his aunt. However, after rescuing them, Kamal dived again into the river as he saw another lady struggling in those strong currents.

When asked by the reporters if he was scared, Kamal said that he wasn’t. His mother, Jitumoni Das, who couldn’t be any prouder said she owed her life to her son and added that she knew he would be able to save himself since he practices swimming in Brahmaputra, twice a week.


However, the 11-year old has one regret that while he was pulling his mother and his aunt out of the water he saw a woman in a burqa with a child in her arms, struggling to stay afloat. He jumped into the water and managed to pull both on to a concrete slab of the reservoir. Unfortunately, the child slipped into the water and was swept away. The woman jumped in order to save her baby and was swept away as well. “It all happened too soon before I could do anything.” he told TOI

According to reports, the boat had 36 passengers and was carrying 18 motorcycles illegally. Among those 36, three persons are reportedly drowned, 11 are still missing and around 10 were rescued while remaining 12 managed to swim ashore.

Picture Source: Times Of India and India Times


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