Teaching A Life Lesson! Techie Goes Out Of His Way To Teach Slum Kids Every Weekend

The joy of giving is completely unparalleled. To most, no amount of professional or personal success gives the level of satisfaction that spreading a smile on someone else’s face does. The less privileged sections of the society need our help to survive and get the basic facilities to grow in life. Huge donations are made from big conglomerates and the rich class of the society. Even the middle class makes various small and medium donations in their own way, but very few people go out of their way to really bring a positive change in the society.

Rahul Mehra, an engineer from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh is one of those truly special people. He travels every weekend to Bhopal to visit a school in the slums and teach the poor kids.

Going totally out of his way

Weekends are meant for resting, partying, going back home and basically everything that makes us happy. But Rahul has a totally different outlook towards these two days. He devotes his off days to teach poor kids. Rahul, who was a student at MANIT, had volunteered four years ago to teach poor kids at a school started by the Rajya Shiksha Kendra. The school was located in Durga Nagar slums and mostly had kids from that area only.

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Rahul’s parents who live in Narsinghgarh expect him to give them a visit whenever he gets free, but he never compromises on his time with the kids. Rahul says that he sees a lot of talent and will to learn in the kids and that’s why he has continued his association for so long.

Making education possible 

The Kendra had started seven such schools as a part of its campaign, but only one has remained functional over the years, all thanks to Rahul’s efforts. The small school operates under an iron shade. 25 students from the slums attend the school to learn basic reading, writing, painting and other skills.

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They started with daily classes which included two days for sports, including mind games like chess. Rahul included a quiz in the curriculum which was held every fortnight. While some students also attend government schools, there were few who had never attended school and didn’t know how to read or write. But with Rahul’s efforts, they are now educated enough to both read and write fluently. He even spends ₹8000/- per month from his own pocket for the stationary and other expenses of the school.

“The smiling faces of children act as stress busters for me. Seeing them, I get charged up. I just want to keep this school going. I see in some of them the potential to become IAS officers,” said Rahul in an interview with Times Of India.

Rahul Mehra is setting an example for all of us in his own small way. KenFolios hopes that he continues his efforts in the right direction and empowers more and more students.


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