A Pune Police Officer's Unique Traffic Experiment To Prove A Point

In India, more than 150,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents,that’s about 400 fatalities a day. The number is more than the number of people killed in all our wars put together.  Speeding and drunken driving are one of the leading causes of road fatalities. The law enforcers keep coming up with innovative ideas to educate the masses about ill-effects of not following traffic rules but as usual it falls on deaf ears.


In this fast moving life, we are always on a constant run, catching up with deadlines,so we don't think twice before breaking even basic traffic rules like skipping the red light or overtaking another vehicle. 

 Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Tejaswi Satpute, recently conducted an interesting experiment in Pune, just to show the difference between a motorist who follows the traffic rules and another who doesn't, the result is nothing less than shocking.     

On 4th September, she chose two men who were driving bikes of the same brand to drive for 10 kms from from Katraj to S. Nagar. But the catch was, one of the drivers could break every possible traffic rule to reach the destination as quickly as possible, while the other driver had to follow every traffic rule.

The time difference recorded between the two drivers was only FOUR MINUTES. Shocked? So are we. 

 The point that Tejaswi was trying to put forward was simple - "Is it worth risking your life for four minutes?" Twitterrarti couldn't help reacting to the officer's eye-opening experiment.



In today's times, we take breaking rules as something adventurous, a virtue. In life, as a whole it might be considered a good thing, but driving on roads are not the time or the place where you need to be adventurous. Always remember It's better to be called Mister Late than Late Mister. 

Picture Source: News 18; The Hindu

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