ISRO Sets Up Tele-Medicine Nodes In Remote Areas To Dispense Emergency Medical Services To The Indian Military

In order to dispense emergency medical services to the courageous military personnel working in places with extreme climates – like the Siachen Glacier, Himalayas – the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has recently, in a very noble act, signed paperwork with the defence ministry of the government, promising to establish “Telemedicine Nodes”.

Along with the 20 that currently exist in India, ISRO pledges to set up 53 more, covering help provided for the three factions of India’s Military: the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.

The reason for this sudden act of kindness, though, is explored further by the Chairman of ISRO himself – K Sivan. In a recent interview, he said: “In remote areas like Siachen Glacier, there is no permanent hospital or medical centers for security personnel. Through our satellite-based telemedicine programme, we can provide medical services to soldiers deployed in these far-flung areas. We set up small telemedicine hubs in these areas and link them to big hospitals in cities through our Gsatseries communication satellites. Specialist doctors in these hospitals interact with ailing or injured soldiers and prescribe them medicines. The prescribed medicines are then provided to the ailing soldiers from the medicine stock stored in that place.”

ive2a45j7wgk9vdw3zu8iw9xbng2kpae.pngSiachen Glacier, Himalayas

Sivan also said: “ISRO is setting up these nodes not only for the security forces deploye3d in the remote areas, but also for the rural people who can’t come to cities to avail the help of medical services during a life-threatening emergency. Specialist doctors from huge hospitals, like AIIMS, who can’t visit these areas on a short notice, provide medical services to the needy through our programme.”

gygfxgvz9uwmw3gcmmwxs3erzwrky7hl.pngConcept Of Tele-Medicine

They are, indeed, very right, for Siachen remains cut off from civilization during winter, due to severe meteorological environments. The people there face temperatures as low as -60oC, as well as natural threats, such as avalanches and icy elevations. The only form of savior that they can hope for, in the case that they fall victim to these conditions, is a helicopter, which somehow manages to brave the conditions to get in, haul the man on board, and get out of the Siachen Glacier.

fqc4h4s8a7cw6nk2tt9efcduxcgfepcv.pngK Sivan, Chairperson Of ISROIn such situations, satellite-operated telemedicine hubs come as a blessing for the soldiers, and the natives of that place.

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