Meet The Man Who Spent His Life Removing Dead Bodies From Rail Tracks

As kids, we are told the story of a king who keeps a big rock in the middle of the road. Everyone crossing that road complaints about the disturbance caused by the rock, but one person stops his vehicle, removes the rock and then continues traveling. This ‘grandma tale’ actually holds a lot of relevance in today’s times. The person who removed the rock was a ‘doer’, and not many can be like him/her. Almost all of us love to gossip and complaint about a new issue every single day, but how often do we actually think of solving the problem?

Karthikeyan Balaji from Kolkata is truly an exception and a true example of a doer. This man has shown how to be selfless by showing respect to the dead. He is credited to removing the dead bodies from railway tracks. Astoundingly enough, there are much more deaths on railway tracks than we can imagine. In his 30 years of service, Balaji has removed over 500 bodies from the tracks of Kolkata.

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24*7 saviour

Karthikeyan Balaji is known for being available to help at any point of time. He works in the mechanical department of South-Eastern railways in Kolkata. His experience tells him that generally, these bodies will be overlooked upon and people just sympathise and move on with their life. Karthikeyan understands that a certain element of respect has to be shown even to the dead because that person will also have a family searching for him/her. Moreover, he also knows that the trains will get delayed if the bodies are not removed soon.

“There are 21 station managers in the Santragachi station. All of them have the number of Balaji. Whenever they face any problem, be it night or day time, they call him and seek his help. Balaji comes to their rescue even if his duty hours are over by then,” says Sanjay Ghosh, CPRO of South-Eastern railways in an interview with Times of India.

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Loved and respected by one and all

Positive words about Balaji have spread far and wide and all the senior officials know that he is someone who will never shy away from helping them. Krishnendu Bhattacharya, who was a station master for 25 years said that trains can’t start unless the crematorium workers remove the bodies from the railway tracks. But whenever Balaji was informed, he would make sure that the body was removed instantly. He made sure that the train passengers never suffer.

Balaji’s reputation as a helper reserved him a seat in the Accident Relief Medical Equipment Car which was going to help in the recent Ganeswari rail accident. The railway has also given many awards and accolades to Balaji. He has made his family and friends proud just by being a noble and positive person. He teaches us that if your ideas are noble, no task is small.

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“It’s my duty as a human being to lend a helping hand to whoever needs me. When I see anybody with injuries lying on the platform, I have to help them. I retire from the railways in a year but after that, I am building a house near Santragachi station. Whenever the people need me, I am just a call away,” Karthikeyan Balaji said while talking to Ei Samay.


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